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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Put Alittle Elf On Your Face

My friend Bailey from BeingBaileyJ, showed me Eyes Lips Face and I was stunned by their prices. I have heard bad and good things about their products, but decided to place an order to make my own judgement. I was really in need of foundation, concealer and brushes, but because things are just so nicely priced I definitely went alittle over board with my order and tried a bunch of other products. My mother also got a few items as well. When our order arrived in the mail I was so stoked. Here was my order...

eye related 

brushes and zit zapping things, surprised that the zit zapper worked

foundation, concealers and other

lips and nails 
the entire order
I was stunned by how well I liked the foundation and how well it went on with the foundation brush...why have I been using my fingers all this time?! It goes on and covers much more evenly with the brush!

My favorite products I have used so far are...

  1. The Eyebrow Kit - because if you have clear eye brows like me, you will love this! It's super easy and I haven't used too many other eye brow pencils and products, but it's better than the ones I did try. I barely put any on, but it's a dark enough color that is gives a slight hint of a dark eyebrow, and it matches my hair color, so I've been really excited about it.
  2. The Foundation Brush - if you aren't that much into make or really haven't cared about it and just covered up the gross spots of your face and blended it enough to get through the day or if you just haven't looked up make up information and how to's and all that stuff and just go with it like me then you probably use your fingers to put your foundation on. I read something awhile ago that said you should use a foundation brush, it uses much less product and covers nicely and evenly. So I thought okay I'll try it, and they didn't lie to me! I've been pretty please with how my foundation looks using a foundation brush. 
  3. Lip Stain - I don't usually do much to my lips, I have a good lip color and I've never liked lipstick, but I thought I should add something for my lips to my make up bag, just incase. So I picked the crimson crush color and I really like the stain better than lipstick. I don't use it all the time, but it brightens my look when I feel like I need alittle color in my life. 
The bad things I heard about their stuff were referring to their liquid blush/cream blush and other colored products like it, that it went on like paint. I personally didn't order those types of products, so I can't give a review or personal experience about them, but it could be that maybe you need a brush or their is a different technique to applying them or blending them that my source didn't know about. Oh, and I heard that their mascara isn't worth buying, but I am VERY picky about my mascara so when I find one or two that I like, it really takes a big risk or chance for me to change my purchase on mascara - like my eye brows I don't have many lashes so when I find a mascara that can make my lashes nice and long I don't stray from my brands there.
As far as I am concerned I haven't had a problem with their products and I REALLY like them for their low prices. They are definitely worth and order to try, you aren't going to put yourself in the hole by trying their products at such good prices. I spent like 45 dollars and look what I got, if I had bought make up at walmart like I usually do, I would have gotten two mascarra, some eye shaddow and a bottle of covergirl foundation for what I got from ELF. I will definitely be shopping at ELF more often. 

Stay Happy! 


  1. The zit zapper does actually work - I love it. :) Glad you liked your order - looks like a good haul there! x

  2. I placed my order and got all kinds of free shit. Most excitement I've had all week woohoo! lol