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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Day After Tomorrow

Tonight I watched this movie for the first time. Yes, really. But my post isn't about world changing events or the world ending, it's about making decisions.
I know it's a movie but I couldn't get over the amount of people that left the library to walk around in the storm outside, just because they were told that's what was best for them to do and that's what everyone else was doing. If I were given the choice stern wandering around in the blowing, cold, giant blizzard or staying in a sheltered area with four walls to atleast keep the freezing wind off me, I'd choose the damn building! Even in the worst of it everyone could huddle together for warmth...but no they all left.
I know in my life at the current moment I am not faced with life or death choices, but I do have alot on my mind and quite a few things that I need to make decisions about quicker than I would prefer, but I can't keep procrastinating them and I need to jump the bullet and try something different.
The hard thing is trying to make sure I make the right decisions and not only because it affects me, but it's the decisions that involve others.
I've been struggling alot with school, medical, and personal issues for the past couple months and I really have to make some fast, hard decisions. I'm trying not to give up on myself because of conflicting issues so I have decided to give trying to graduate another shot. It's going to be a long hard 1.5 months ahead with little personal life, but I think I'm strong enough to make it happen. With my amazing mother - who has let me move back in with her for awhile and who supports me in whatever decision I make - behind me to push me along, graduating might just be possible. I'll definitely be seeking sanity help from my best friend/aunt/sister/biodad (a nickname not something completely messed up) and I'll probably need my generous father to help me out financially.
Point is life throws alot of shit at you daily and it doesn't usually stop or if it does, not for long. Really all you can do is push threw it and ask for help when you need it. I'm sincerely thankful for all the help I have from the people I love and that love me back.
I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing head professor at college, who has gone above and beyond to help me believe in myself. Thank you Peter!
Have a great night all the followers I currently do not have!

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