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Sunday, 25 March 2012

There's Something Missing

I was sitting in my bed thinking, "what am I forgetting?" "there's something that's missing" "what do I usually do on sundays?" and then when I realized, I was deeply saddened. The Walking Dead. I have NEVER been into a show as much as I am with TWD, and I watch too many shows, but TWD by far beats them all. If I was held at gun point and told I could only watch one show for the rest of my life, one second wouldn't even be able to pass before the words came out of my mouth. I would marry, yes, exchange vows with this TV show, I am completely committed to it and I feel lost without it.

Look at them! They are the best group of people out there! 

I would do anything to be apart of that family. I think these people are going to be together for along time. As in I think this show has really taken off. I've always thought about what it would like to be on a set and I seriously think it would be the utmost AMAZING experience to a zombie on TWD. 
This show has strangely changed my life. I was extremely against the zombie phenomena, I thought most zombie movies were unbelievable and corny, so I wasn't scared by them or even interested in the idea, but this show, this show has made it all possible in my head. I have never had such terrify, but insanely awesome, heart pumping dreams in my life! And just the other night during a freak March heat wave, I went to open my window to let some air in - my new bedroom is located on the first floor - when I laid back in bed I found myself really uneasy and anxious and this thought ran through my head, "omg, a zombie could easily see the light from my tv, and break through the screen and get into my room!" Once I had realized what my first thought was, I burst out laughing at myself. I live in a small town, but I feel like my first worry should be more like a passing by trouble maker could see the open window and break it to rob the place, or you know rape me, but no...I was worried about the zombies...the ones that don't exist...yet.

The Walking Dead hasn't just brought me awareness about the possibility of an up and coming zombie apocalypse, but it's also brought me love. Like many other love struck fans I have fallen for the rugged and rough around the edges character, Daryl Dixon, zombie killing heart-throb. 

If Carol gets any closer to my man, I may have to take her down. 

And finally, the finale, a sad and exciting moment. I was soooo excited for this episode but soooo sad because waiting until the FALL before I'm back into my weekly routine of happiness and fear, is just not something I'm okay with. But there isn't much I can do. I think they did a really good job and opening up some "WTF"'s and "Holy shit"'s during the finally. I think most people can agree that the most questioning part of the show was this :: 

Who is this hooded woman and why does she have tamed pet zombies?!

I've heard from people that have read the comics, who she is or alittle bit about her anyway. I hope that the show brings something new to her, to atleast entertain the people that know her already. But I definitely have to say this was the most unexpected and badass part of the finally, apart from Rick's breakdown and scream session at the group. I think he totally deserved to have a little shit fit, but I also think he went alittle far with it. 
And there was one other piece from the finally that really struck me funny and made my day. I have my own beliefs, but I do classify myself as a christian and I really have to say that when Hershel said, "I can't profess to understand God's plan, but when Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind." I lost it. Seriously made me laugh out loud, because it actually fit the saying. 

I had to make a post about TWD because I was missing it so much, it's like there is a whole in my life and I had to fill it somehow. I hope there are others out there that feel just like me! and I know there are probably lots! 


  1. No fair we have to wait til the next season...and I have dropped the AMC channel so someone is going to have to tell me who this woman is? grrrrrrrrrrr either that or I have to get the show off itunes

  2. I just got season 1 out of the library after hearing such good things! (I skipped over most of this post b/c I didn't want any spoilers, haha...but it still got me really excited for it!)