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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What Have I Become?

Holy shit, I think I'm well on my way to being an adult. It's kinda scary! I'm juggling a full-time job, trying to get my own business together, while working it part-time, I'm trying to help my mother around house, get organized and clean off my mass amounts of photos on the computer, put together a compost bin, chicken coop and garden, keep a little tiny social life and stay sane.

Growing up isn't easy at all, but I kinda like it. Just because I had my own place in the city while attending school and paid my bills with the money that my father generously gave me a month, and paid my tuition with the money from a summer job, could get into a bar, buy liquor and throw parties when I wanted didn't mean I was grown up. I thought it did or I at least I thought it was in the middle, but now I think I am actually almost there. Now I see a whole different light, I've basically cut out my social life because my job took over that, I REALLY want to start planning and saving for my future so my seriousness level has gone way up! I'm proud of myself for the changes that I have made in my life and even though I miss the partying and excited sometimes, I don't miss the drama and constant exhaustion that piles up. I wake up every morning feeling pretty awesome, going off to work, coming home to get supper ready and work on my own photography stuff or relax with my boyfriend, then go to bed pretty early compared to my previous bedtimes. My days of sleeping in are over, because routine has already set in and I'm up by 7-8 on my days over and even when I make myself go back to sleep I haven to get up my 9. To me, this is the most depressing part of growing up. I've always been a positive person, no matter what's going on around me, but now I FEEL positive, I'm not just saying positive things.

All this stuff that I have been doing to fill my free time keeps me from blogging alot, not that anyone really notices, because I have like 3 followers and the means of this blog is more of a public diary/journal than anything else.
So I have already noted the major projects that I have been working on in the little time that I have to myself. I'm hoping to get much more done in the next 2 weeks on the yard/compost/garden situation. Also this weekend I am photographing a wedding, so I will be posting about that, along with an exciting trip to one of the surrounding islands to go "gulls egging" a local tradition of most Grand Mananer's. I have been for the longest time, so I am really excited to take my camera and document the occasion and post it on the interwebs.

Here are some photos of what has been going on in my life lately. Starting with photos from a recent maternity shoot and ending with a couple photos from my biobro's 19th birthday. (Again if you are unfamiliar with my "bio" terms, I'm very close with my aunt and her boys, so I call them my biofam)

He thought it would be a good idea to wear his birthday cake

This stuff and work have basically been my life, oh I also cleaned out ALL of my stuff from when I was little to look for things that I can donate at work. It was definitely something to look through everything I thought I needed to save back then. I got rid of alot of stuff and found alot that I could donate as well. If any of you are looking for a good deed to do on a rainy day, look through your old toys and consider donating some to a local boys and girls club!

Stay Happy!!

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