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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Working With Kids

I've recently been spending some time at a local boys and girls club and I've been enjoying it completely! Today we had a lot of free play time, but we also went on a couple walks to collect things in the field that a bird would use to build a nest. We then sat down for craft time to build our own individual birds nests. We spent quite a bit of time playing on the playground and in the sand box. 2 - 5 year olds can definitely ware you out quickly, but it's been a blast despite the boogers, cries and "runners". Lets just say I recently moved a treadmill into my house, but I'm beginning to wonder when I'll ever have the extra energy to use it after chasing after escaped kids from the fenced in yard haha

While on our adventure to collect bird nest supplies, a little girl happened upon a worm. This was a major breakthrough and it immediately became the new coolest thing in the classroom. Her new found pet was always at her "side", wrapped in a kleenex. I dare say the poor thing didn't last too long on the playground, it was lost once, but eventually both "pieces" were recovered and placed back in the tissue.

For a girl that was always uninterested and some what intimidated by children, I sure have changed over the past year and hope to spend alot more times with these little cuties.

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