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Friday, 27 April 2012

New Goals

I am really trying to grow up and start getting my life on a routine. I always feel like my daily life is in chaos, not that anything exciting or chaotic happens, but that I really have no plan for the day and I just wing it as I go along. For people that know me, know that I am a planner. I am always planning my life out, from events to projects at home, and my dream life even has a "plan." I am always so excited to do all the planning and researching, but then when things don't work out according to how I have "planned" them it seems like my life is in turmoil, but I've been trying to break myself of that dramatic habit. I also tried to break myself of the planning, but it seemed nothing good came from that and caused more stress than anything, so it's just the dramatic part of continuing on when I hit a snag in a plan that needs work.

I am a very artistic person, which as the stereotype suggest that I am not the most organized type. This is mostly true, but it's not that I have a problem getting organized, it's staying organized. I have a high novelty seeking personality, so keeping my attention on something for longer than the excitement of starting the project lasts, is a chore. I have been working on this alot lately, I have been trying to make myself keep my room clean and make my bed every morning and keep things in an order and place, instead of having things strewn about and a mess everywhere.

I need do some printing to get myself organized like this
Getting my daily life organized. This is goal number one. I want to get myself into a routine, of getting up, working out, and going off to do the rest of my day. BUT I am not a morning person, I am a night hawk. My internal clock hates me, I am a chronic insomniac which is a nightly battle with me, but I have been doing quite well lately since I have been sharing my bed with my boyfriend. My insomnia is much worse when sleeping alone and it's a great comfort having another body in the bed.

Get a job, is task number two. I have never really worked in my life. I have had summer tourist jobs, but nothing that has ruled my life. So this is something that I am very nervous, but excited about. I have such a fear of failure that I need to fight that and just take a risk and jump into a job position. I have a couple things I am looking into and hopefully I come out alive. My excitement to learn new things is the biggest thing keeping me going on this one.

Lose more weight, I was doing so well a couple months ago and even though I haven't gained anything back, I'm also not making any progress. So I need to break out of this rut and do something different. I found myself a treadmill and hopefully I will be able to have it moved into the house next week. This also helps with my routine I want to get going by working out in the mornings.

this is about the same as what I would like to build
Finish clearing the space for garden and chicken coop, I have so many things that I want to get done outside, but it's been soooo shitty and wet out that I haven't been able to move forward with that either, but I really need to get the yard ready for the garden, chicken coop, bunny pen and compost pile.

Finish preparing for wedding number one, I'll be photographing a wedding in may and I am totally excited about it. I love shooting weddings. Some photographers hate doing wedding photos because it's so much pressure. And as much as I hate stress, I really work great when I know there's alot counting on it. I like the rush and pace of photographing a wedding. I also have a couple others that I will be photography this summer/fall, so I can't wait to get photos up on my blogs. The upcoming photo season has got me quite excited.

This is the dress that I am thinking of getting
Finish archiving, my macbook is in dire need of a good cleaning. So I have been setting up a digital archive of all the photos that I have taken in the past 2-3 years. Which is not a fast moving or exciting task. It's very monotonous and irritating job, but it needs to get done so there will be room for the photos to come. I also have to clean out my music library and other junk on my computer.

And lastly but not any bit least, buy a prom dress. I am going to be accompanying my cousin on the red carpet at grand march. He graduates this year and I couldn't be more proud of my bio-bro. I have no real brothers and sisters, but I am extremely close with my aunt and her boys. So I call them my biofam :) I am pretty excited to be walking the grand march again and it will definitely be interesting going with Jackson. We used to be sworn enemies, so when the family heard he choose me to walk with him it was a shock.

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