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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I Could Feel The Heat On My Face

So I come from a small town, island actually. Population 2400-ish and most of them are crazy or quirky. I am probably considered both by quite a few people. Around here I guess you could say we are hickish, but most small town people are.
For WEEKS I have been itchy and waiting impatiently to get out into my yard and burn grass. Yes, I get overly excited to light my yard on fire. This year I had alot of motivation to do it, because we are putting in a garden and hopefully a coop for the chickens!! I am not going down without a fight about those chickens and I will do just about anything to get them.
So why burn grass? I'm not exactly sure, I was always told that we burn the old tall grass so that the new green grass could come up easier. This year we also did it so that we could clear the space, save from mowing through thick dead grass and could easily see the branches and thrown bushes we need to clear before putting in the garden and coop.

Here are some photos from the process! 

This is the area where the garden will be, can't wait to start clearing thorn bushes and turning soil!

Supposedly fire season was over, so we could get a fine, but there were quite a few other families burning their yards as well. I doubt it will be a big problem because we don't live in a heavily wooded area and we had 4 people tending the flames. 

Where I'm hoping to put the chicken coop. 

Nothing like enjoying the sunset while burning your yard.

More posts to come as more work gets done!


  1. Burning makes the soil acidic, so basically the only things that will grow in it are things like blueberries (yum) and hardhack (ouch). Some people think that the burning makes the grass greener (it doesn't).

  2. I can't say that I agree completely, considering last year we didn't burn and our grass wasn't as green as it is come in right now. Also The last time we burnt and cleared a place for the garden we had a couple years ago we grew potatoes, peas, carrots, our rhubarb patch is there and lots more of vegetables in the garden.