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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What If We Were All Equal?

Q: What if we were all equal? 

I'm guessing that your first thought jumps to either male vs. female or race vs race, maybe even rich vs. poor, but that's not exactly the pinpoint of this blog post. 

I started thinking about this earlier tonight while watching "In Time" and the quote "the poor die and the rich don't live" struck me. Not just because I think it has a really cool ring to the saying, but because it almost makes the two equal and not at the same time. Which is better? Living a long life, slow, carefully and bored OR living a short life, living completely in the moment, knowing that those minutes mean something. Each side sees the other and feels some sort of envy. Which is more important to you? Living as long as you possibly can OR living your life to the fullest? But it's just a movie. 
While watching the movie I was scanning my facebook newsfeed as always - anyone that knows me, knows that I can't stay off facebook for more than a couple hours, if that - a friend had shared this photo, which made my though of equality grow. 

My main reason for this post is "What is we were all equal as living beings?" This isn't a peta post, I like my bacon and steaks, but what if we had equal respect for each living thing? Let's face it without the creatures before the human on the pyramid figure, we would not be where we are, we would be non-existant, dead. So why do we feel we need to be better than everything below us? Don't get me wrong, I hate bugs and spiders, but with out them we wouldn't have the larger creatures that I like, such as birds, fish, frogs, etc. AND without them we wouldn't have bigger birds, snakes...etc...etc...etc. We all need to eat and something needs to die so we can do that, whether it be a plant or an animal. I just don't understand why we can't treat them with the same respect and superiority we do with other humans - also I know that some humans definitely don't know how to respect other humans, but just for this post pretend they do. 
I am one of those people that treats their pets like they treat their child, maybe alittle less, cause I doubt I will tie my child out to the dog house like I do my shepardx, but my pomeranian definitely has the spoiled qualities I had as a child. 
But what if we all stopped and thought about it for a second, about how much living like we do kills the lower things on the pyramid. I think many people forget how much we needs those other creatures to get through life. I really would love to go back to when things were "simpler" but at the same time I LOVE my technology. So why can't we have both? I do use my macbook and iphone more than I'd like. But I've started to cut back and I've started to plan out how I can repurpose things around me. I'm trying to "go green" but NOT because I think that global warming is real - because I don't, I could write another post about that, but not isn't the time - but because I wan't to live off the land, or try to bring more of those aspects into my life. I'm not "buying green" I'm trying to go green. I'm trying to spend less and grow more, plant a garden, have laying hens, raise piglets into meat for my food. So that I don't have to buy meat from the store that I know has been raised too quickly and pumped full of steroids, that the creature I'm putting in my mouth probably went through HELL for however long its short life was. I want to grow my meat myself, the right way, not the fast, cheap, easy way. 
I know this post may sound a bit corny and over played, but I'm really just thinking what if? I think the round nature ball of love looks alot nicer than the jagged ego triangle of superiority. It would just be nice if more of the human world would pull their heads out of their asses and realize that they really aren't the top of the pyramid they're apart of a global community. 

A: There really is no one answer to the question, just opinions and thoughts to pitch back at this question. And these were mine. OH! I could come up with many more, but it's getting late and I'm actually feeling tired so I should take advantage of that.
Point is this year I am going to try to appreciate the other living things around me more. You know, kill less spiders and flies - mosquitoes are the exception, because there is an over populated amount of them, and no one likes mosquitoes. good reasons. 


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