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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, one follower!

Because it's easter I had to make a bunny post. I haven't seen my big baby boy is such a long time, so while I was at his home I got a couple pictures of him. Mayor is a bunny that I bought after my guinea pig, Pudge passed away. I'm not quite sure what kinda of rabbit he is, but he is definitely a big boy, I think he might have flemish giant rabbit in him.

This is my Mayor boy <3 he weighs about 17 - 20 pounds. 

Poor little guy had something wrong with his ear before I bought him, and one stands up straight and the other flops over.
My favorite things about easter are:

CREAM EGGS!!! Nothing more delicious than this right right here! 

Cute Stuffed Animals! Truth is I love getting stuffed animals anytime of the year, but I LOVE the giant ones they bring out for holidays!

Mini Eggs! I'm not a big chocolate fan, so easter really isn't my thing, but I love these little guys. 

 The things I ABSOLUTELY HATE about easter:

Dying chicks awful colors in-order to sell them and make money.  Most of these little guys will go to a home for a couple of days because they were just so cute until it's figured out how much work they are and they either die or get taken else where. PS PEOPLE REGULAR COLORED BABY CHICKS ARE JUST AS CUTE! I prefer them yellow...who wants a bright blue chicken...

SAME THING! I just think dying animals crazy colors is wrong, just wrong. Sure if your child asks to dye their hair pink, let them, but these poor bunnies did not ask to be blue, orange and pink. Again, they are just as cute normal, this is just around way for pet stores to make more money off a holiday.

And last I hate big creepy easter bunnies...seriously, who wants this hopping around. 

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