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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I'm still not used to my life being so busy. The past couple of years I was just so slack with life and now that I have a normal one it feels like I never stop! I am making two different posts tonight, one about halloween and one about daycares. The obvious is that this is the halloween post.

I have NEVER been a fan of halloween...but now that I work with kids, I feel like a bit of a douche for not putting more effort into the occasion. I've had soooo many cute spooks here tonight, really I've only had 20 so far, and that's why I want to go all out next year. Light up the front yard and make sure that everyone stops in! Stock up on candy all year and then dish it all out! 

I didn't dress up myself this year, because I HATE dressing up and that's partly the reason that I didn't care for halloween. But really I want to make awesome costumes for next year. I did however, dress up my pom, Tinka, as a lady bug. She's such a cutie. She's never really been around kids, so I am trying to get her used to them slowly. She is nervous and will nip, but I've only seen her do it once the first time I babysat and the second time she was much better. 

I hope everyone is loading up on candy tonight, but and I'm having to keep myself out of it. I'm hoping to have a new weight topic blog post up soon and look forward to my house warming party post as well. Mind you, my weight post will be nothing inspiring due to the fact I've gained all of it back in my recent depression spell, but I'm not giving up and I'm gonna get back on track. No more excuses, even though I can come up with soooo many lol. 

Stay Happy and have a Happy Halloween! 

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