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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Is It Really Almost October?

So I don't really know why I feel so bad about not writing, probably just because I haven't had the therapy of it and it's a self guilt thing, because I have 13 followers and pretty much force people I know to read my stuff by posting it on facebook. But all the same I still feel bad that I've neglected my blog and feel SO overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I feel like I have to catch my blog up on, as if it's a person that I haven't seen in months and they need to know every little life detail.

I'll start off with some of the major changes in my life that I would like to talk about in the next couple posts, so that I don't forget about them.

Major Topics

  1. My New Found Thug Family - People and Animals Included
  2. Work - Fulltime and Photography
  3. The Simple Life - What I Want For My Future and The Changes I Want To Make 
  4. Oh Yeah, I'm Back With My Ex - But We Love Him So That's Okay
  5. Time To Get Healthy and Organized

I originally started writing this post awhile ago, probably about a month and I am just getting back to it now. I'm not quite sure why I feel guilty not writing, with all my 13 followers, but I guess it's more about letting things out of my head then getting people to read what I have to say. I am a stressed person, I stress over everything and while I wish I could be a carefree, worry free just doesn't work. I have gotten better. I live in a house with 4 other people and my OCD has to take a back seat. I only half worry about how the towels are folded or what glasses are put on what shelf. Mainly, because I have bigger things to worry about.

I'm going to make a post for each one of the topics above, because even those 5 things is going to be an extremely long blog post, so it would be better for them to be separate :) And I may not be able to write all 5 today!

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