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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Let's Play Catch Up No.1 - My New Found Thug Family

Let's Play Catch Up 

I'm not going to tell you everything that has happened over the last 4 months, but I will hit the major points and exciting bits. 
I'll start with the ones that are listed just because it will get me thinking and from there, it will be very hard to stop writing.

1. My New Found Thug Family

As some of you may know I bought a house last year. Literally it has been 1 year and 2 days since I moved in. WILD, it just seems so unreal to me. I've had alot of ups and downs since then. When I first moved in it was Justin, Jackson and I. Things were rough and Justin and I had alot of problems and throwing a third person into the mix didn't help things. Jackson ended up moving out and then I ended up leaving Justin for reasons that weren't that I didn't love him - obviously because we are giving it another go - but because of issues he had to take care of on his own. 
I lived through a hard winter of bouncing back and forth from mom's house and my house. Mom and I stuck close by each other through Georges death and being laid off. I got a taste of real life last winter and man, do I ever hope this winter is much better. I don't usually get overwhelmed by the emotions of last winter, but even talking about it now, brings a couple tears to my eyes. 

Then in May I took on a border/roommate. Greg moved in and it helped keep me at my own house instead of bouncing between families houses, plus it really helped with the bills. Before he moved in I had no job, no money, and tons of bills. But I got through it. 
Then came summer and my thug brother Joel had been around the house alot lately. He's who I used to refer to as my biobro, really being my first cousin but him and his brother jackson are the closest things I have to siblings, so at heart they are my brothers. We decided that he could get out of his moms for the summer and make my barn loft into a bedroom space. So he did and it's almost October and he's still here and still in the barn. Brrr. 
Not long after Joel was around, I started talking to Justin again and as we never take things slow and we pretty much pick up where we left off. He was "moved in" by July. He doesn't take up much space though, except most of the bed... he's definitely a bed hog. 

About a month ago my old roomie and best friend, Joanie, Jo as I call her, came to stay here at what I've begun to call Thug Mansion - due to the pumping rap music that you can usually hear around here and the attitudes that most of the boys found here have - for a couple of weeks on her vacation. It was just like it used to be, having her around reminded us both of what living together used to be like. I miss her terrible and we live together so well. After talking alot about her being in fredericton, with no family and a small amount of friends that she didn't hang out with too often. I said "Why are you there? you aren't happy there, you don't like your job, you have no close family there, no support system. I moved home almost two years ago and Lisa (her other best friend in the city) just moved out west. Why are you there? Why are you working a job at the Dollarama, when you went to school to be so much more? You are working there, just so you can pay your bills to live in an apartment with people that you don't really know, to live in a city that is just supposed to be "better" for you than the country life. Because there are supposed to be more opportunities, but if you aren't happy...why not take the opportunity to be happy and move home to the people that love you and will support you." I don't think it was said as well as I just wrote it, but it was something along the lines of that, probably with a bit more profanity, but the same idea. So she moved home last sunday night and went back to the city to get all of her things and was officially moved in yesterday. I could rant about city vs country forever so I'm not going to get into things too deeply. Point is alot of people were against her decision, but we're all for it and we'll make it through, atleast if we can't afford heat, all five of us can cuddle together for warmth. But if I can afford to keep myself going, with no job and no help, then I think the five of us will be fine. 

I grew up alone. That sounds so depressing, because I had my mother and father, but no siblings. So I think I surround myself with people because it's like having the big family I always wanted when I was little. Don't get me wrong I LOVED my single child lifestyle. I've never been big on sharing, but adult siblings are fun, they won't take your toys half as much! but they still will take your food haha. As much as we can all get on each others nerves, we're like a family. We get over it and move on. We have days where we all stay in our separate rooms, days where we all pitch in to get something done like building a chicken coop or just cleaning the house, and days where we all sit down and watch a movie or a tv show together, or have a couple drinks, listen to music and talk. It's sad to say but I don't have many friend outside this Thug Family of ours. We all have our weaknesses and we all have our strengths, when you put us all together we work pretty great. 

Don't think the crowed fun ends with just people! We're all cat people. I have Calliopie and Vesper from when I moved out of my mothers, then when I first got the house Justin and I took in a very flea infested kitten, Phoebe - now flea free. Just before Christmas and just before our break-up, we adopted a special needs kitten, Miles. So four cats would be enough right? Some might think so, but it just happens I like cats more than people, so when Greg asked me if he could get a kitten, how could I say no? Mary-Jane made 5 cats at Thug Mansion. When Justin and I got back together, I seen all the kitens at his house and thought - I need a barn cat to keep the mice away. I do have mice, but I don't have a barn cat. Penelope was half wild when we brought her to my house, she was used to living outside, but was wanted to keep her in the house for a bit so she'd know where her new house was and to tame her up a bit. Turns outs Justin thought she was too cute and she couldn't be a barn cat, we're better off getting a male barn cat. So Penny made 6 cats at Thug Mansion. Then came Dexter, Joanie's cat. And I am still left with no barn kitty. Although there is a stray that hangs around the house. A total of 7 cats, one for each day of the week, live at Thug Mansion with 5 people. 
I would hate to leave out that I have a giant rabbit, Mayor and 6 laying hens - Miss Maudie, Miss Blanche, Miss Calpurnia, Miss Minnie, Miss Emilee and Miss Etta. And that's still not all, we ordered 12 more laying hens that I will need to get in the next couple of weeks. So expect a full Chicken Blog Post soon. Then there is Tinka, my pomeranian, who has gotten very comfy at her Grandmothers house, but needs to move back to Thug Mansion to make it all complete.

Total Being: 

18 Laying Hens
  7 Cats
  5 People
  1 Rabbit
  1 Dog 

All of these pets and people make up Thug Mansion, soon to be even more expanded in the Spring. We all agree with the self sufficient lifestyle and I've always wanted a farm! Just another reason we all work together to make it happen :) 

Here are some photos of the residents 

Joel aka Thug Dawg


Miss Maudie <3 she's the beauty 

Miss Emilee (red) and Miss Calpurnia (black)

Miss Blanche

Miss Etta

Miss Blanche, crazy old Blanche.

Justin and the chicks

Thug Dawg and the Ladies
Miles my CH kitty <3 

Miss Emilee - The mean chicken of the bunch.
Me and Tinka
Justin and I 
Jo and I 

Stay Happy and Positive :) 

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  1. This post made me laugh. Blanche looks a little bit special- oh Blanche.