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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cuban Fries

Cuban wedges on the epicure crisper pan!
So with the left over pieces of salmon and not much time to make supper, before I blogged about it and shower before going to babysit, so this will be a quick yummy post. I chopped up some potatoes for wedges, through them in a plastic baggie with olive oil and Cuban spices (by epicure) and threw them on my crisper (by epicure as well) and tossed them in the oven for a 45 mins, I like my fries alittle crispy. The Cuban spices are JUST right for me. I don't like really hot spices, but this had just enough to feel the heat in my mouth but wasn't overwhelming. And where the salmon sat in the lemon juice all night and after I warmed it up I think I enjoyed it more as a leftover! Here's a photo of my food creation of the day :) (also I has a really good brunch, but I didn't have my memory card on my for my camera and mother had the computer, so I will have to recreate it another day)


Stay Happy!

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