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Friday, 15 March 2013

Here's To Hoping I Didn't Poison Myself

cut up some lemon slices to go
under the salmon
So I made supper tonight. That sounds pretty normal right? but it really isn't that normal for me. Sure I know how to cook, but when I haven't been strictly trained at something I'm scared of messing it up. I have no confidence when it comes to new things. Especially cooking. I have like 3 things I learned to cook from my mother and that's basically what I've lived on for the last 4 years of my life. Shake-n-Bake, pork chops and steak. And that's just with like a marinade rub from the store. Nothing fancy, just something quick and hard to screw up. I see all these awesome looking meals on pinterest and think "I'm pinning that! I'll make that someday" ... who are we kidding we all pin things that we never get around to. I'm changing that. I REALLY want to start cooking and baking more. I get so bored with things and need change constantly. So here's to more recipe posts from me! And here's to hoping that I didn't just poison myself with the salmon I made tonight. I really don't know how its supposed to turn out, but I ate it anyway.
I never understand when I call my mother and ask her "how do I know if the salmon (or any meat) is okay to eat?" and she replies with "well does it smell okay to eat?" SERIOUSLY?!?! what RAW meat smells okay to eat. Sure I know that really bad meat is going to have a really bad smell, but what about meat that's in that iffy category...the "putting me in your stomach could be a good or bad thing at this point, you'll just have to find out" stage. So I smelt my salmon, and it smelled like salmon and to me, raw salmon doesn't smell that nice to begin with, but it had just been in the freezer and I had put it in the fridge over night to thaw. Mom said if it was freezer burnt it would just be alittle tough around the edges. I'm not one of those germ-o-phobes that are scared of getting sick or anything, and I don't care if there is blood in my steaks and stuff like that. I've had food poisoning and I lived. But still I like to know if something is going to make me deathly ill or kill me. It didn't look like it was going to threaten my life so I started whipping up my supper. I also made a little photoshoot of it. I never cared for food photography, but it was fun trying to make it look good.

PLEASE if you see something in these photos that is a warning sign that I shouldn't have ingested this meat, please point it out to me so that I know for next time. It's alittle late now.

use a piece of tin foil large enough to wrap your salmon in. I had
plenty...maybe double what I need, it was good and wrapped.
This was my favorite photo from supper!(below)  Add some butter to the top of the salmon, the lemons on top aren't necessary, but they were left over, so I just threw them on top. I also added some "Cuban" epicure selections spice too it. Should have added more though.

I cooked it on 375 for like 30 minutes. I really can't say for sure because I checked on it like a crazy woman. I was really unsure what the white stuff was all over it. That's the only thing that concerned me. It reminded me of the white stuff when you cook lobster, I'm pretty sure my father told me that it's what they're blood looks like when it's cooked. I really have no idea. The salmon tasted fine, maybe alittle too much lemon and not enough Cuban spice. The lemon definitely overpowered everything. Next time I won't put any on the top and hopefully won't have so much salmon to cook at once. Oh well left overs for tomorrow!

I would call this supper a successful first try. It tasted pretty good and I got some good photos out of it. Although my stomach feels alittle funny lol I'm pretty sure that's probably the panic of thinking my own cooking will be the death of me. If tonight was me "last supper" just know that I love you all hahaha

I hope you all enjoyed my first "Recipe Test" blog post. I've got to go get some things together before I go babysitting tonight.

Stay Happy!!

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