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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"It's ALIVE!!"

My mac that is, I've created no living monsters, unless you count myself. I couldn't me more excited to be back on my mac and done with pc using. You don't know what you had until it's gone, and you don't know how bad it can get until you use a pc. Ha, I'm kind of joking, because it wasn't THAT bad using a pc, but I much rather use a mac. Sorry to all you pc users out there, they are more affordable. Speaking of affordable, I couldn't be more happy that it did happen to turn out to be a simple fix, the batter was knocked loose and something was bent, but it's all better now, Mac is bent back in place and up and running again. This was the first good luck I've had in awhile!

Yesterday was a busy day, probably because I slept half of it and then only had a few hours to get everything done before family/ladies game night. I hadn't really pitched in on making anything for food yet, so I wanted to bring some yumminess to the table last night. After the abundance of food that was brought last night we've decided that we need to start planning on who is going to bring what from now on or we're all going have to starve ourselves for three days before game night or we will all triple in size. So next week we are all thinking that fruit and veggies should be our main snack haha 

Here are some photos from game night, they are basically photos of Jennilyn's girls because, well look at them, they're just too cute not to focus on! 


Lib, checking aunt Julie's cards :) 

It was too much work for her, what a sweetheart <3 

Playing the talking game!

And she's back up to cheer us on!

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me! And I also had a pretty productive day today. I finished editing all the GO GO Grand Manan photos, which I've been trying to get done for a couple weeks now. This computer mess as been such a hassle and I've been babysitting and tutoring lately. Now that I have the mac back I've also got to get business things together, finish up my presentation for the highschool, start planning out a better lesson plan for my volunteer photo class in the elementary wing and try to clean out my lightroom of all 8000+ photos. Oh and plus keep posting regularly. I would like to make a couple more new things this week and if the snow ever melts I would LOVE to get outside and work around the yard.

Stay Happy Everyone! 

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