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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Do It For...

So I've given up junk food and I've been doing good, but I have been craving sugar candy something awful. That's my weakness, I love penny candies. And it's so hard to give up something, I was whining one day because I wanted something sugary, but I won't give up on this challenge. My aunt is doing it with me but I haven't been around her alot, because she's working and I'm not because things just keep happening to set the nursery opening back and I'm so eager to get back to a routine, but it's just not happening right now. Anyway, I said to Justin that he should quit something to help support me because I feel so alone in this haha living with three smokers ( I'm a nonsmoker ) and then on top of that they're all munching down and I'm eating my raw carrots and hiding in my room haha. I nudged at the idea of him quitting smoking again but he rejected the idea, so I pushed alittle harder and he said "You don't understand what it's like to try to quit smoking" I gave him that "are you serious?!" look and said "Do you know how hard it is to give up junkfood, food is my addiction" So he said that it wasn't the same thing and that is wouldn't be that hard to eat healthy. This is the guy that puts 3 spoonfuls of sugar in his coffee plus half the bottle of french vanilla...eats chips before bed and wakes up two times in the night for toast. So I said "If it's so easy I challenge you to stop eating junk food and eat healthy." So he accepted and has done okay for the past two days, but I'm pretty sure he's still drinking his coffee the same.

Because I have been having such a hard time staying away from the sweets I've been going over the reasons I am doing this and everything I want to get out of my weightloss so I'm going to make a list to myself on here.

1. Do it for your health. 

2. Do it for the fashion, the new wardrobe and clothing possibilities, the pretty dresses, backless tops, short shorts, skinny jeans, leggings, lingerie and more. Especially the bathing suits!

3. Do it for the collar bones. 

4. Do it for the wrist bones.

5. Do it for the possible side tattoos and hip tattoos.

6. Do it for the awe if it. 

7. Do it for the before and after shock. 

8. Do it for the pride and confidence. 

9. Do it for stares.

10. Do it to feel like my body fits me. 

There are many more reasons but I am completely involved with the seasons of the l word so I'm not completely focused and I'm getting tired so I need to join my sleep talking boyfriend - when he gets alittle intoxicated he sleeping gets quite humorous - and get some rest. 

My new tattoo I got the other day! it was inspired by a
tattoo I found of two birds, but I added the bluejay's
head feathers. 

Stay Happy!

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