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Friday, 13 July 2012

Taboos and Tarots

Last night I went to bed with a smile on my face and had planned the spend today with my boyfriend :) I wanted to wake up bright and early, get up and get ready for the day. I fell asleep and woke up at 11am, not what I was thinking by early, Justin had been up for awhile but didn't want to wake me, cute right? But I did kinda want to be awake earlier, but I won't complain. I got out of bed after he started jumping on the bed and yelling "get up, get up" like a kid at Christmas and showered, put on my makeup and straightened my hair, I slipped on a little sundress and made plans to meet up with my long lost friend Cassidy. I stopped at the mail on the way up the island and was overjoyed that my new lens had made it to me safe an sound. As eager as I was to try it out, I put it aside and kept heading for Justin's house. We spent the afternoon with his brother and Cassidy, which mostly consisted of Cassidy and I chattering and catching up with each other while the guys played playstation.

Ready for the day
Playing with GerdyRoot 

After an smothering hot afternoon on Cedar Street, we headed down to cool Ingalls Head so that Cassidy could get me addicted to "The L Word." We had previously watched "The Real L Word" together a year or so ago and I had been meaning to get around to watching the original.

The L Word
What Justin did while we watched
Attempt at a photo together... 
The lovely Cassidy
After supper and a couple episodes of The L Word, we went to check the mail to see if any more of my parcels had arrived. We took my camera and my new lens out for a test drive.

black and white candids 

love and miss this girl! now to plan my trip to her place next month

If you haven't noticed, Cassidy is one of my closest friends and she's one of my favorite photo subjects. Most of our friendship has revolved around photoshoots of some sort. :) And I haven't spent enough time with over the past months. I desperately need to make a trip up to her place for a weekend soon.

Stay Happy!