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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pure Genius

I've been contemplating on what my next post would be about and I didn't want to always be posting about my life struggles and everyday happenings. So I decided to be a pinterest post, I'm a huge "pinner" I love getting ideas from that site, some I've used and some I've just pinned for later and forget about.

Here are some things that I find completely GENIUS ideas, some are inventions others are using everyday objects for a new purpose.

Use a cd holder as a bagel container! 

Thanks and Sorry lights for your car! 

Use a pop can tab to hang things! 

Average and wide-mouthed mason jars will fit most blenders!

Lemon/Lime Sprayer

Put toothpaste where the nail will go, press against the wall and BAM
you know where you put the nail! 

Grocery Bag Holder!

Use a rubber band to solve a stripped screw! 

Stay Happy!

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