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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Strict Bitch Challenge and $500.00 Bet

I've majorly fell off my wagon, not only fallen off of it, but I'm pretty sure it's backup and run over me a couple times too. I hate admitting it, but I can't really hide from it either. I have to admit that being single and trying to improve myself was much easier than being involved and trying to motivate myself to change for me, not to impress someone else. I have a wonderful boyfriend that will love me and all my curves, but I've always wanted to get healthy and get out of my "hi, I'm the chubby girl" life. I want to do it for myself but I lack will power immensely. So I started thinking of creative ways to motivate myself.

Several weeks ago Justin and I started "betting," I got the idea from the show "How I Met Your Mother," which I am a huge fan of. Anyway, if you don't watch the show, in one of the episodes you find out that the married couple has been betting for their whole relationship, on things like their friends and scenarios in their lives. So Justin and I have started to do that, we've made a couple bets, but instead of giving each other the money, it goes into our savings. So that really we aren't losing any money, but at the same time we are gaining and having alittle fun. I'm a really competitive person, so I decided that I would bet Justin $500.00 that I could give up junk food and that he couldn't give up smoking. He immediately said I would win that one, because he just isn't ready yet. So I'm on my own, but he said that he would still bet me that I couldn't give up junk food for three months and if I did he'll put $500.00 in the jar! These are pretty big stakes so I'm trying my hardest, but food is my addiction just like tobacco is his. I've been craving some sweets since I stopped a couple days ago, I'm cranky and irritable and because my job STILL hasn't started yet, I'm just sitting around thinking about the food I can't eat. I tried my best to keep busy and not think about it and I used some crystal light to make my water have alittle flavor so I would have something! I'm calling this bet and decision my "Strict Bitch Challenge" I've always wanted someone on the side lines yelling at me and telling me I need to do this or else, but to pay someone to do that would just be out of my price range haha, so I am turning myself into that person. In my head I need to get that strict bitch to come out and yell "encouragingly" at me, to keep myself going. I'm making a poster and daily workout schedule to help with my change in eating habits.

My aunt/BioDad decided that she wanted to go along on the SBC with me, without the bet part, she just wants someone to quit junkfood with and exercise. Her, a friend and I went for a walk the other night and I learned that due to my thunder thighs I should NOT power walk in shorts, friction is not my friend and I have burns on the insides of the thighs. Justin had a fun time making fun of how "hot" my waddle walk was, I wasn't too impressed because it was actually really sore. asshole lol.

I really just want to get down a couple sizes. I don't want to lose 100 pounds or anything, sure it would be nice, but at the same time I don't think I would look good that thin. I just want to get to be a size 10 - 12, and right now I'm wearing 16 - 18's, even some 14's. My thighs and stomach are my focus areas. I figured that posting this on my blog it will help me stay motivated, not that many people are out there reading, but atleast if I think someone is I will be able to stay on track. It's such a struggle and I hate that food is my weakness, but at the same time I have to think, my addiction could be alot worse and alot more dangerous. I have to keep picturing what I want and what I'm doing it for. I'm doing it for myself and everything that I've ever wanted for my body. Health, collarbones, flat stomach, thighs that don't rub together and the hopes that my feet might not be so wide :P

Here are some motivations that I am focusing on :

This is my goal look. I think this girl is the my gorgeous woman I have ever
seen, I'll never have her skin tone or hair color, but I would love her shape.

This is about my size now, I would love to look like her transformation,
but I'm not aiming that low at the moment. one step at a time. 

Again gorgeous. I would love to be this size, curvy but toned. 

Stay Happy!


  1. Good luck on your bet! I know that I definitely couldn't give up junk food, so try and stay motivated haha!

  2. I'm gonna try! After you left tonight I had a couple rice cakes for a snack, pretty exciting :P