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Friday, 7 September 2012

Nursery Days

I am currently blogging from work and because all my babies left me for the day, I was left to cleaning and laundry for the afternoon. I was alittle nervous about starting at the nursery for my first few days because I really have no experience with kids under 2, but I picked up quickly and find that I quite naturally am good with them. I guess it's a good sign that they take to me, so that's what I am going by. I really do miss my 2-5 year olds though, I miss the social aspect of it and being able to communicate with the kids. Babies aren't that great at conversing haha but I really wanted the job in the nursery so that I would be prepared for my own kids when I decide I want them. Working in the nursery has definitely lessened my baby fever because I take care of so many at work. I'm not ready to give up everything that I want just yet.

Just wanted to quickly post something about work :)

Oh and 13 days until I move into my house!


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