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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Whoa Whoa Whoa!

The time is finally here! I'm counting down the hours instead of the days...and I think this might even be the hardest art yet. I really wished I had the chance to meet the sweet older couple that had owned the place before me. I did the final walk through with the real estate agent tonight and there were notes in the kitchen from the lady to me about the different plants outside. It was so nice of her to fill me in on little things like that because I am in no way a gardener.

It's very hard for me to realize the actual state of the property right now, because inside my head is my dream of what it is going to be once I start working at it. Some people spend hundreds of thousands on a house that they don't have to touch, it's just ready. Although this house is fit to live in, it needs lots of updates and that's what excites me SO much about it. I get to make this gorgeous old house with TONS of character, into a home that is updated and very "me." Along with the notes the couple left mostly everything in the house, which to me is basically like getting 10 Christmases in one. These next few days are going to be pretty amazing. If anyone really knows me they know I have a huge appreciation for history and old items. Going through the walk through there were so many small vintage items that I was just overjoyed to have been left there. There is quite a bit of stuff that I won't be keeping, partly because I won't have the space and some of it I could care less for and need to sell so that I can get some money to do more renovating.

I can't wait to do some posts after I FINALLY get into the house. I am just too excited to even cope with life right now. I am watching Dexter re-runs and blogging about how excited I am. So I think I will post some inspiration photos of the rooms that I am going to paint.
Our bedroom is obviously the first room that I'm going to re-do, because the bedroom is where we have to feel the most comfortable, so I wanted to really make it feel like my own. Then I thought what other room in the house will we be using most, so I decided to do the livingroom along with the bedroom. 200.00 later after buying paint, I was glad I only chose 2 rooms. I'm hoping to get to the kitchen in the next month or so.

Here are some of my ideas for our bedroom :)

I love so many colors that I couldn't choose just a few, so I'm going with a boho-ish
style and using lots ofdifferent colors. My walls are going to be a neutral -grey-
 and one wall be a bright coral color. I have too many accent colors to do a
small pallet. 

grey - with alot of accents :) 

Lots of bright colors :) and I'm thinking of trying to hang fabric! 

Neutrals with bright colors 

This was the first photo that inspired my living room, the color isn't so blue that I chose,
but I didn't bring this photo with me to pick out mine, but I'm sure I will love my
 color as much as this :) 

Well that's in for now! All I have to do now is sleep, get up, go to work and then at lunch hopefully I will be able to get into the house and start cleaning and going through EVERYTHING!!! :) That's going to be the fun part, it's like a treasure hunt to me. I'm so excited. I will be doing lots of instagraming tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Stay Happy :)

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