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Friday, 14 September 2012

Where To Begin

I wish I could say that I have been keeping busy and not rolling around on the floor whining about waiting to get into my house, but really I've just been working and whining haha. I have been some what productive and packed some things up and met with my lawyer last night to sign the papers. This week has been kinda awful though because I haven't been sleeping, there has been a terrible mess going around at work and it's not even like a visible cold. It's something that eats away at the inside of you and just makes you feel DREADFUL, but people look at you and say "k stop acting like you feel shitty," cause they are coughing and sneezing. So yesterday I was extremely exhausted and on top of feeling crappy and dealing with personal issues I had to dish out a bucket full of cash to pay lawyer fees - shoulda become a lawyer now that I see how much I have to dish out on this side of things haha - BUT it's all going to be worth it come thursday!

Since this whole house buying thing started I haven't been able to concentrate on anything but that, so I really really really can't wait to get it over with and go back to normal life, just in my own house. Get organize and get my ass in gear. I have lots of projects that I want to start working on.

Some new things in my life have been,  I started working out with my BioDad/Aunt/Tonia, we went for a two hour walk on tuesday it was pretty great, we were supposed to do it again but I haven't really been feeling that great so we went for a smaller walk on wednesday and then work and exhaustion took over. We are starting a weight loss plan with another friend from work, just so we have someone else to answer to and weigh us in because we can talk each other out of anything. "oh we can go for a walk tomorrow,""a bag of chips never hurt anyone," "well we fell off the wagon already this week, so we'll start over again next monday," and so on! We weigh in at 11:00 and I am DREADING it, only because I know that I cheated myself and gained my weight back that I lost at the first of the year. I'm really hoping that working with her will keep me on track and she'll have great tips about eating right and she's VERY encouraging and understanding!

I also put my name down for a volunteer program, what we called in school "toast cart," so I will be dealing out the toast instead of getting breakfast from it haha. I'm alittle nervous, I start it in october and its only a couple of days a month. The reason I started was because my grandmother does it and I thought it would be a nice thing we could do together and because the boys and girls club does up the schedule I asked to be put on her days :) And even though it will mean earlier mornings those days, I live next door to the school so I can just hop on over real quick before work!

Once I get into the house and get alittle settled I really want to start re-using and re-creating items, so I've been online yard-saling and buying up some things that I want to work on. So I can't wait to start posting about that. I feel so horrible for not blogging much these past coupel of weeks because work has been crazy and buying a house really made me go alittle nuts and I didn't want to do anything my pin because I was so excited. Now that it's actually a few days away I've calmed down and really just want the 5 days to pass by.

The nursery has been pretty great, I'm learning alot and catching on to things, but because I grew up an only child I have to say the past few weeks have been over whelming for sure! So my mother switched my jobs this morning so that I was able to hang out with my older kids and she looked after the babies. I'm so thankful that we can do that on days when things are just too much for one of us, I really miss my "big kids" and it helps when I'm having a bad day cause they really make my day. They all told me that they want to come visit me at my house and I said they REALLY have to come trick-or-treating at my house this year!!

This weekend it's giving alot of rain and I was hoping to get a photo shoot done to pass some of the time, but by the report I won't be able to, still keeping my fingers crossed though. SO if I don't get to do a shoot, I will get another post up on idea's I have for my master bedroom!! I'm so excited, but really unsure of what to do about it!

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. If I could, I'd send you some sun from Halifax for that shoot.