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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Before the New Year

Sitting here today, during this rotten storm, I was thinking "wow, this year has been a complete waste!" but that is so not true, so many great things happened, but just as many bad things happened, so it makes me feel like they cancel out, but really the good things were really good. I have a wicked awesome job, wouldn't change it for the world. I bought a house, a freaking house and although it over whelms me most of the time, I really do love my house. So now that I have to go back to my house, alone, I'm really going to have the spare time to do what I want to it. I need to stop being so lazy and afraid of doing things alone.

I'm a big pinner, I LOVE Pinterest, I waste too much time pinning and not trying the things I find. So my goal - not a new years resolution, this isn't the new year yet that is why I wanted to get this post out before the new year - is to make to do lists for each month of 2013 of atleast 30 things I want to do, and accomplish atleast 20 of them! These are small little to dos, I will also have bigger things that I won't be able to finish in a month, but need to remember to continually work on them. 

First off here are a couple things that I need to continually work on through the new year. 

1. Cleaning off my mac and archiving my photos 
I really want to start a wisdom book and fill it with life lessons
that I have learn,  for quotes and any other bit  of meaningful
knowledge I think suits my life and morals.
2. Documenting for work and for personal 
3. My professional work portfilio 
4. My "Wisdom Book" 
5. Start my physical "House Book" with little things that need to be fixed or replaced in my house, decor ideas, bigger reno projects, and more. 
6. Better blogging, on here and my photo blog 
7. Working on my business! my website, business plan and office. I've really neglected this lately. 
8. Saving money and budgeting
9. My organizer
10. And compile a list of recipes or make it yourself item, (laundry soap, deodorant, etc) 

Those are just things that I can think of off the top of my head. I'm actually going to have to print on this list so that I can actually remember. I put so many things in the back closet of my head so much. And I need to make some of this stuff real physical beings (books) because the internet is so easy to get side tracked and forget about main things that shit just doesn't get done. So cutting back on my internet time is a goal of mine for this new found me.

I had started this "do so many things a month" goal at the first of december, but I totally failed at it and I think I was meant to because of the whole spend time with the family while I could deal. So there are a couple of things that I would like to get done before 2013 gets here, but nothing really crazy, because I am not going to try and pull off unrealistic goal in the next couple of days. Here are the couple of things that I would like to get accomplished before Jan 1st.

The Life Calendar - I really want to find a cute little box for mine to, like the one on the left

Memory Jar
I sure hope that I can atleast get these two things done before the new year. I would also like to get some of these done over the break, or before the end of january.

  1. Moved back into my house, all my christmas stuff and the rest of my things from my mothers that didn't make it before. 
  2. The whole placed cleaned
  3. Re-arrange my bedroom 
  4. Get my office function-able and organized
  5. My piano moved out of my house
Then there is my Dream To Do list which consists of things that I always want to get done, but NEVER sit down to do it. 
  1. Re-write my children's books
  2. Write more from my other ideas 
  3. Work on my personal photography
And finally there are my work projects at the club. 
  1. My professional portfolio
  2. My Video Project
  3. Documenting year book 
  4. Idea Book
  5. Coloring pages 
I will post my January list soon and a couple other post. I think I am going to do up some posts ahead of time incase there are time I don't feel like blogging. 

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