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Thursday, 27 December 2012

What Do You Say? "Thank You"

This is my personal favorite and the one I spent the most time on :)
We go on quite a few field trips with day care and they are all so well mannered, it makes me so proud. And when we go on these outings we take so many pictures to document the moment, but I started to think that we should be giving something to them to remember us by! So in this new year of work I am going to try and get the kids to color so many "thank you" pages for all the places we visit and the people that come to see us. I saw something on pinterest I liked, they were coloring cards, but I would have needed to pay, so I sucked it up and spent the TIME to make my own. I did 2 years of photoshop, I'm sure I could spit out some good coloring pages! I think I did a pretty decent job at coming up with a good variety good templates.

Here are the links to the PDF files for the Thank You pages for anyone who would like to use them :) 

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