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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

First Weigh In Wednesday!

I was weighing myself on Sunday's, but I thought I would hope on board with gym buddy/friend BaileyJ of BeingBaileyJ and do it on "Weigh In Wednesdays" just cause it sounds better. So it's been alittle over a week since I weighed myself. That is kind of a fib, because I try not to weigh myself on in between days, but I can be alittle obsessive and jump on the scale and peak at my weight. I just don't let that number bother me. I think it was sunday that I jumped on the scale - because that's when I would have if I wasn't transitioning weigh in days, anyway I had gained a couple pounds and I knew it was all weight from being snowed in so I told myself not to worry and that I could work it off. When I started trying to lose weight a couple weeks ago I was 227.9 or something, on sunday I was 229.6 and today (wednesday I jumped on the scale and was 224.0! so I have lost 5.6 pounds since sunday... BUT I'm not going to count that cheat weigh in, so I am counting it as losing from the 227.9 which means I've lost a 3.9 pounds. Not too shabby, I'm still proud.
I haven't had much of an appetite these past couple of weekdays. I have been eating but I've been aware of what I am eating. I think the biggest difference in the past couple of days has been my sleeping. I have been really off schedule and sleeping until 1 or 2 in the afternoon! I haven't done this since highschool. I love to sleep, I'm sure why, but I seriously LOVE sleeping. I love feeling cozy and warm, I love dreaming when it's not nightmares. Last night I had nightmares that whole night, so I slept past my workout date and now I'll have to go to emerg tomorrow morning instead. I have also had a couple other motivations to feel good about myself and be aware of what I'm consuming and make sure that I'm physical throughout the day. I have missed two workouts, but sleeping was nice and I worked up a little sweat cleaning my basement and lunging all the jars up out of it. Today I'm doing more cleaning and I'm going to make sure I fit in some crunches and other things I can do at home.

Last night Bailey, Ashley, her family and Parents and I went out to celebrate her 23rd birthday over supper! I don't think I know a more loving and hilarious family. I've always adored them, so it was a real treat for me to be included in the festivities. We all chatted and laughed over our meal while watching Ashley's little boy Ryker go elbows deep in coleslaw. I had two pieces of fish with rice, but I forgot to order panfried and not deep, but oh well it was tasty anyway. We all went back to Ashley and Pat's after supper for some Igloo cake that Lianne (Ashley's mom) had made and what a great cake it was! I was pretty full after supper so I only allowed myself a small slice and was proud that I didn't go back for seconds after my stomach had settled. Another thing I did without even noticing until I went to bed and thought about it was when I came home and did house work at 10pm I had worked up alittle appetite, I hate eating late at night, but I've been staying up for late that really 10pm was just an afternoon snack. So I crackled open my bag of mini rice cakes and I set it down after probably 15 of them and GAVE the rest to my mom... I may be getting ill, I'm not sure. But I almost always eat the whole bag and I hardly EVER share my favorite snacks haha that's an only child thing.

I'm pretty proud of myself at this moment and all these things make me want to keep trying harder.

Stay Happy People!

ps. I saw this photo and it basically is the point of my blog most of the time.

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