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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Storm Stayed & Cabin Fever

If anyone reads this blog that doesn't live in my area, we are in for a real doozy of a storm, yes I just said doozy because I am too tired to think of another describing word. I thought about sitting out the storm at my own house, but I'm too much of a baby if the power went out, who wants to be alone with no power? I would also be really bored all alone with no power. Instead, I came down to my mothers and hopefully won't be stuck here forever.
10:00pm-ish The storm has started and although I don't know how much snowing it's doing, it's blowing quite "fierce" out there. I put fierce in quotations because my first snow storm activity, which with the amount of cackling some could say that cabin fever has already set in...was looking up the hilarious photos of Beyonce during her super bowl performance. I mean we all love Beyonce, but I think I love her just alittle bit more after seeing these photos. She brightened my snowy night.

Here are some of my favorites and then the link where you can see more!

This by far is my favorite and I literally can't look at it without laughing, I'm not sure if its the
flared nostrils or the fact she's looking a bit granny-ish, but the hair tops it all off and I just
can't hold back the laughter.
This just looks like a really bad facebook profile pic. 
Raising the roof...and some suspicions of a bad smell.  
She can still smell it...
Something was alittle painful...maybe the smell came with some burning? 
This just scared me at first and I almost thought it was fake, until I found all the other
photos and figured it's just another great capture. My favorite thing about this picture,
beside the fact that her tiny train in the back resembles cobwebs between her legs, is that
my mother tried to re-create this moment. I'm not sure who looked funnier or worse,
Momma Lenny or Beyonce. Mom said "Beyonce wins, even though I have the moves
down I just can't make the face." That's not a bad thing mom, because if you could
and woke me up in the night making that face, I may run away forever.

During my time stuck inside at this time of day, being 2:11am (cause if there wasn't a storm I would obviously be out and about...) but still this is a storm stayed activity of catching up on tv shows that I used to watch and currently keep up with. I'm almost caught up with 90210, I watched this weeks Grey's and I started to catch up on New Girl, but I'm still at the end of season one, so I have quite a bit to catch up on there, but they are only 20 mins, so I may accomplish all of that tomorrow during the storm.

I did a smidgin of organizing in my itunes library and downloaded the rest of Ben Howard that I was missing. I think I will work on a couple more blog posts tomorrow and do some actual productive stuff, like organize my life again and maybe do up a resume, because being laid-off really scares the crap out of me, especially after I just bought a freaking house...oh life, why must you torture me? I also need to get my ass in gear and work on some photo shit, when I'm depressed I lose all inspiration for photography and lately I've been in the hole a bit inside myself, so time to climb out of it and dust myself off.

Night, will continue this post tomorrow!

It's almost 5pm and we've just had some steady power for the first time today. Basically all I have done today is hide in bed, the only warm place since we have electric heat and no power, and read. The cold has made me so sleepy, but I am finally sitting up in the livingroom with some internet and warmth.

I planned to have all these really fun things that I did durning the storm, but really I didn't do anything my shiver and hope for some warmth. I really did enjoy getting through some chapters in my book that I NEED to finish. Since I haven't been in the nursery I haven't had much reason to read, I've been doing other things, but I had nothing to do but sleep or read today. I'm almost finished it and might just read for kicks and giggles tonight before going to sleep.

The book I am currently reading is "Beautiful Days" a Bright Young Things Novel by Anna Godbersen. She is one of my favorite authors, maybe my actually favorite. I love all her books. I get hooked on them, The first series I read is the second photo. I highly recommend them. They are about New York in the early 1900's and I wish I had been alive durning that generation, and rich of course.

The photos are in order that the books go and after looking at the covers of "The Luxe" series it makes me want to go back and re-read them. Maybe when I get a couple of my new books read I will go back to that series. I have to be honest and say that I was much more involved with The Luxe series than the Bright Young Things. I love both series, but I fell in love with The Luxe books and there seemed to be so much scandal in the that series.

Probably my favorite series I've read
This is Anna, she looks so young and she's
full of talent! 

Since the power has been on, I've been watching the Ghost Adventures marathon. My ex got me into the show and at first I thought it was really stupid. I mean I really love ghost shows, whether they are real or faked, but at first I thought that Zak was alittle over dramatic and it made things seemed really stressed and faked. But I have warmed up to him and I have seen almost every episode and really enjoy the show. There are a handful of episodes that creep me out, but there a couple of handfuls that I find really interesting, the technology that they use and experiments. I'm very open to the thought of the "paranormal" I guess you could call me a believer. But I believe in alot of things and maybe all the theories are connected. If you like the ghost shows/movies and haven't ever watch ghost adventures, I recommend it. I'm not saying you'll like it and there are some episodes that are flops in my opinion, but there are some really good ones too.

My absolute favorite paranormal show is Destination Truth, its been a really long time since there were new episodes and I think it cost a lot to keep the show going because it's a world wide investigation team and they traveled everywhere. But all of there past seasons and shows are awesome. Not all, but it's by far the my top rated ghost show, they don't just do ghosts either, they investigate all sorts of legends and myths, searching for the truth. And the host, Josh Gates is hilarious and I obviously fell in love with him. I don't know what I like more about the show, him making fun of his crew and the locals for all the places they visit, or all the cool adventures that they go on to find stuff. I really miss this show! It actually makes me sad, I may watch them all again. (I say I've going to read these books again and watch these shows over, but really I don't have time to continue with current stuff, let alone to RE-do stuff)

The storm is dying down and the house doesn't sound so much like it's going to take off. For awhile I actually thought that the front room, may come detached from the original house.

Another thing that I did today once I got internet was update my photo blog, do to the fact that I am broke and laid off I have no money to continue my .ca site so I will be working straight from my blog and facebook page. I've really neglected my photography for multiple reasons, but I'm going to try to re-creat myself and move on from the past. For more information see my photo blog.

6:45, not sure how I'm feeling about my most recent storm activity. I really must have cabin fever to have done this. During the fall I had decided that I was going to try Twitter. I went on it for a day and never went back. Today I went back and followed some people and I'm going to try to commit to going on it here and there. I'm not a big fan of it for some reason, maybe it's because I'm nosey and don't find it as interesting as facebook hahaha, even though most of the time I'm yelling at facebook because it's boring. The only reason that I like twitter is because I think it's cool to follow celebrities and pretend that I'm like a long lost friend of theirs. I actually just followed a bunch of people from the tv shows I was just talking about. I'm not sure if it makes me feel cool or creepy.

9:12  Of course I have been pinning for a couple of hours. How better do you pass the time and lose track of all reality than to pin? It's probably my favorite thing to do. Which might be alittle sad, but I LOVE how many awesome ideas I get from there, it's actually putting those awesome ideas to use that is the tricky part. With no money it can get alittle difficult. I'm pinning all these home decor photos and have no money to re-do my house. I'm going to slowly pick at it though. I'm going to clean out my basement tomorrow and I'm going to start trying to get rid of some stuff on buy-n-sell.

It's safe to say that the only thing I will be doing for the rest of the night is pinning and possibly reading, before bed. Both of which I have talked about so I think I'm going to post this almost 24hr long blog entry now. I hope that everyone in my area has survived the storm and somehow stayed warm through the power outages! I know that most of my early day was spent in bed in the flannel sheets with layers of clothes on. Poor little Miles (my special needs kitten) would cry when he got cold and I'd pick him up and he's curl under the blankies with me, tinka and mom. We all stayed in one bed to keep warm. Made me feel like a kid again!

T-Bear curled up infront of the heater after the power came back on.

Miles curled in the pillows keeping warm when the power went out.

Stay warm through the rest of the storm!
 & Stay happy!!

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