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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Am I The Only One?

I'm been thinking about some "Am I The Only One?" things lately and thought I would make a post about it. It may take a couple days to think of them all again, but here's to working on it! I've been really bored lately from being out of work, so I am trying to keep myself busy. Due to depression I haven't wanted to do anything at all, but my normal mind keeps telling myself that I HAVE to get up and do stuff or I will be right back where I was last winter. And we all know where that went for me...running back to the ex thinking that was a good idea and gaining all the weight I had lost, back. So this time I am working to get all the weight off and to keep as far away from my ex.

Am I The Only One that.... 

1. ...lies in bed planning out every possible conversation with any possible person? And that trip to the grocery store that I have to make the next day. I swear I could create a whole life in my head before I fall asleep.

2. ...dreams the most insane shit at night? I know that some people say that when they eat certain foods before bed they will dream really strange stuff. I also take a medication that has a side effect of crazy dreams...yes apparently thats a real side effect. It does make life entertaining, but sometimes I dream so vivid and crazy that sometimes I really have to think if I did it in real life or a dream. Like last night I was dreaming that I pinned something and when I went back to my boards this morning, there was no such pin. But I have dreamt anything from living in a volcano, my neighbors bought a tiger this winter and he wore a knitted sweater to keep him warm when he wandered the village, that I was in a war zone and being held hostage in a community in the woods of germany... it had a really nice bathtub though, so that was good. And the other night I woke up laughing because I had dreamt that I was at my mothers and she was in the bathroom, but I needed in there immediately! But she wouldn't let me in, so I went to the kitchen, called into the back of the cupboard and did number 2 in a bowl. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Let's just say I was glad it wasn't one of those dreams that when you go to the bathroom in your sleep you do it in your bed too.

3. ...mixes up their "r" and "l"? I mean like I used to mess up my b and d when I was little and I still do it some now. But when I say "religion" it's VERY hard for me to get it right, most of the time I say "lerigion" and people have a question mark come over their face. I know there is another word that I do it with too, but I can't think of it at the moment.

4. ...loves cucumber and vinegar?

5. most productive at 1am? seriously, I could tackle the world after midnight! If aliens ever invade our little island and think they can kill us all while we are sleeping, no worries I've got it covered cause with the amount of energy I have this time of night I could take down a whole planet.

6. ...used to think one thing a few years ago and has now changed so much that she thinks the complete opposite? I used to believe that people didn't change, but now I think that that is the most depressing statement to believe. I believe people change, I know I sure as hell have. I mean, there are parts of us that might make it through life remaining the same, but through life we grow, we learn, parts of us die and new parts are created. I know that people are capable of changing for both the good and the bad, but there are always both components inside of us. It's choosing which side of us gets to live, the good or the bad.

7. ...loves bruises? This may be a totally messed up thing to like, but some people like scars, well I find bruises interesting. Not only because most of my bruises come with funny stories, but because in a way I find them kind of pretty in an ugly way. The way they change color, they usually start out a blackish purple and then start changing to a green with maybe some red in it, then it gets really ugly when it all starts trying to look like flesh again with some browns and dull reds.

8. ...never seems to have smooth, clear skin? I don't mean on my face, actually right now my face is probably the best looking part of me, which is something to say right there. But I am COVERED in scrapes and scratches all the time. Right now, it's basically because my special needs kitten has the worst balance in the world so his instinct is to latch on for dear live to anything he can sink his razor sharp claws into. Even before him I always had at least two scratches on me. My legs are a total mess. My skin is fair and any blemish leaves a mark and is visible for years. There isn't enough BioOil in the world to fade that shit.

9. ...wants to write a book? I always loved writing in high school and in my head I always told myself that one day I would write a book. I'm laid off at the moment, maybe this is the time to start? I definitely want to re-write my children's books that I wrote in high school and get a friend to illustrate them, maybe even write a couple new ones. Working with kids really inspires me to create stories for them.

10. ...hates the fact that she hates winter? I used to LOVE winter, it was my favorite season, but the past winters I spent in the city, I hated winter. I told myself it was because winter was so gross and messy in the city and that spending winter on the island was so much more beautiful and clean. So right now I have a beautiful yard filled with white, clean snow and I just want it all to go away so spring could be here. I don't want to hate winter, because it's such a beautiful season, but you can't get ANYTHING productive done. I want to garden and feel the warmth. Ain't nobody got time to shovel snow and beat on the frozen garage door until it opens and ain't nobody got the monies to pay for heat! I know I don't! So Mr.Winter, please let this weekend be your last snow storm, I hear it's going to be a big one. Sounds like a good finale to me? I hear Mrs.Spring is really missing the island right now, so be a gentleman and get the fuck out!

Hope that everyone is staying warm! and if you live somewhere that it is warm...feel free to buy me a plane ticket to your residence until things warm up around here or ... get the fuck out :)

Stay Happy!!

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  1. Writing a book is on my list......late creativity too. We are never the only ones doing something. We can always find someone that thinks the same way for sure.

    We are in the middle of a huge snow storm and schools are closed and my work is closed and at 10:27am I am still in jammies......that is only winter and snow I like.

    Keep smiling for sure!!!!!!