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Friday, 3 August 2012

Photoshoots, Facepainting and Favorite Friends

I've been spending the past couple of days with my main squeeze girl, Cassidy, who has been home for a visit, hopefully next weekend I will be making the trip up to her place to spend a much needed weekend in the city with her. I've also been working ALOT between photoshoots and the boys and girls club. I also volunteered to help out with Cassidy at the Family Fun Day they had today. I am extremely tired and could have passed out hours ago, but I wanted to get all my blog posts and page updates done. So here's some of what I have been up to.
I went to get my hair touched up and freshed and thought my life needed some spontaneity so I got my second holes pierced and then a random third ball that you can see, but I am going to get in done the same place on my other ear, just wanted to make sure I liked it haha and it hurts. I also had a "blonde" moment and put nail polish remover on my ears instead of peroxide...THAT hurt. 

Spent some time at Kim's practicing face painting and playing with Keely.

Then we came back to my place and watched the L word. 

My awesome YOLO-pillar that Cassidy made me. 
At the booth

Turning our english teach from highschool into a pirate. 

The finished product! We miss this guy so much! 

My Hello Kitty mask 

I make a stunning Ariel!

And to top the day off Cassidy was thrown in Jail, where she said wasn't very comforting. 

Stay Happy!! and I have noticed what a complete mess this post is. The photos were just not working with me and after loading them all up just to hit a link and having to RE-load them, I was not impressed and too tired to fix everything :P Have a great weekend!!!

and here are some photos from a "Trash the Dress" shoot I did recently

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