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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Its been alittle over a week since my last post and I really wished I would have posted more as my first house purchase progressed, but really it hasn't been anything exciting. Mostly just paper signing and banking and lawyers, oh and alot of pinning home decor ideas. This is mainly what my post will be about, I won't be able to do many changes to the house, but I have alot of plans for it and I want to post what I am thinking now, so that I can look back after they are finished and see how different it really turns out haha
Another reason I haven't been blogging is because I started in the nursery this monday and I'm working full time. This I am very happy about because I really need to get some cash built up before I move into the house.
I've noticed that I am not only impatient, but a symptom of my impatience is turrets. Atleast 10 times, if not more, a day I yell in weird voices "I want my house," because waiting 22 more days is going to literally kill me. I can't explain to you how impatient I am, it's too the point that I get angry that I can't move in yet haha, I just have SO much planned and know what I want to do that I just hate waiting to get it done.

I am also impatient for Katelynn and Rubyn to get back from their honeymoon so they can see their photos. I really hope they like them, here are a couple sneak peaks before I go on about my house!

Ideas that I have for the house 

The Porch

this color scheme            or               this color scheme

I really like the thought of being organized and neat like this
I think this is so neat! 

I am definitely having a trash station for garbage and recycles!

The Kitchen

I'm between a nice light and warm yellow or a light fresh green! I have no idea which to choose! I think I'm leaning towards the yellow though.

Some things that I would like to do in the kitchen. I really like the stand up draw by the fridge.

I would really like either of these types of store boards in my kitchen!

I am stopping at two rooms because I could go on forever and I am trying to do like 10 others things while blogging and I've been at this for 2-3 hours. I'm multi-tasking too much so I need to cut one things short and it's going to be the blog. But I will post more ideas soon! 

Stay Happy! 

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