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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Talk About Exciting!

HOLY SWEET LOVE MUFFINS! is my heart racing or what?! The past week has been so crazy, but the past three days have been absolutely intense. Where do I begin...

If you've been reading my posts, I've been blogging lately about growing up and trying to move my life forward because I'm a terrible procrastinator and when I'm not pushing myself I'm a lump on the floor. I've taken charge of my life and I'm going to make the most of it. I also blogged about my options for the future. Last week I was planning on building onto my mothers house next year to have my own spot, but then I thought more and realized I don't want to spend 50-75 thousand dollars on my mothers house until I save up enough money to get a place of my own AND pay off that loan. SO then I was left with buying land and building which means big $$$$ and just buying an existing house.

I started surfing the web and just checking out properties around the island and there were two specific ones that I was thinking about for next year. I made an appointment with the realtor to see my favorite of the two just for fun and hoped it would motivate me to keep saving and keep my focused. Instead I found out that they had dropped the price a significant amount and there had been others looking - which I had already saw because the house in on my way to work, that was on thursday. I got some information on what I would need if I were to put an offer down. Turns out because of my hate for credit cards ( which I think is a good thing ) isn't good for my credit, that meant I needed a co-signer. This is where my dad came in. On friday he went to view the house with me and was against my plan because he didn't want me digging a deathly hole of debt, which I completely understand. But I was persuasive and asked him to think on it over the weekend. On Sunday, I called again and he told me no again. Which I was even more upset about, but I did understand why he would say no, but at the same time just wanted the chance. I budgeted everything out to high prices of expenses and low incomes, not including savings and I still have money left at the end of the month. I really just wanted the chance, because I know that I'm not going anywhere, I moved away for three years and didn't really enjoy myself and ended up back here. This place is my home. After him and my stepmother had talked they decided I deserved a chance.
Yesterday I went to the bank with my Dad, got approved and then put in an offer for the house, signed the papers with a belly for of butterflies and began the wait. I've been going absolutely bat shit crazy waiting. And my realtor is definitely getting a kick of my enthusiastic behaviour toward all this and the fact that I want them to leave everything in the house, because I even love all their stuff - I am still hoping they will leave a pile of it behind because I love vintage things and it's basically all vintage.

So yeah, today all I've done is wait and get nervous, and then overly excited and then anxious because even if I get the house I can't move in until october, which just means MORE waiting and I don't think I can handle that. But I did get word that they do want to move the closing date forward if they accept my offer. I was supposed to get a call at 8, and it is now 8:01 and I'm typing like crazy just to keep my mind of it.

It's an old house, but I love old houses and it's all I've ever lived in and all I ever even looked for in an apartment. It has 9-10 foot ceilings, 2 acres of land that connects to my grand mothers property, a barn, a gorgeous lawn, a spiral stair case, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

To help save money I have come up with the idea that I would take on a renter. Who might this be you ask? None other than my bio-bro, Jackson. I don't think I have come cross anyone except his mother that has thought we can pull it off, but I agree with her and think he deserves that chance and definitely needs to learn some responsibilities. I am not afraid to teach him some lessons haha. I think it will be pretty fun on the days we aren't fighting like real brother and sister. He is definitely a character and it will be a hard adjustment, but he's a good kid and I'll teach him the ropes for sure.

OMG it's 8:06 and I still haven't got a call. I also want to make an awesome shout out to all my family that has helped and supported me financially and mentally/morally. I'll post more about the actual house when I know for sure that it's mine. I probably won't even publish this until I know more.


It's 8:15 and I just bought a house!

Stay Happy!!!

ps. did I mention it has a walk in closet!!! bonus!

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