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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The High Road

this really was just too perfect for the way I felt today

I know each of you can relate when I say that I am so angry with someone that I can feel it in my arms, like my blood is actually heated and there is so much pressure inside my chest that it makes me feel I could let out this fury and destroy everything in my path. The hard part is controlling it and holding back from tackling those bitches that just piss you off beyond words.

Someones been pushing and pushing and pushing their way into my life. I mean they've been pretty harmless for the longest time, just pretty annoying, but I'm a tolerant person. But they've stepped over a line and I'm beyond annoyed and done being tolerant and ignoring things or playing nice.

The funny thing is that I'm not even disappointed most in the main person that's causing the trouble, its the others that tagged along. I've been friends with one of them, another is family and another was an acquaintance that I thought was misunderstood and always went out of my way to defend them when anyone said unkind words when they weren't around. It's these people that have made my anger go beyond limits. I mean I expected all of this drama and nonsense of the centre of all this, they'll pushy, loud-mouthed, annoying, cocky (totally different than confident) and just a plain bully. People are who they are and you can't expect anything more from them. So when I heard who had been in on this, it was them that I wasn't expecting and it's them that I have lost all respect for, because to be honest I thought they were all above this whole situation and being accomplices to it just totally blew my mind.

So I'm trying to take the high road and put it behind me and forgive them and move on, because to be honest they aren't worth the time fussing over it and thinking of nice ways to make their lives miserable. That's not me and if I did anything to them, I would be at the exact same low level as them. So to relieve my stress I blogged about it instead.

Again my blog posts are posted for myself, I started it when I was recovering from a depression and I find it much more therapeutic than a journal that I can never keep on track with. So if somehow my posts help someone I'm glad, but mostly I post just to get things out of my head.

Try to Stay Happy!!

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  1. My blog is intense therapy for me. Sometimes I write shit out and don't even publish it but I've gotta tell SOMEONE off and my blog seems to be the right thing aha. Let it out!