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Friday, 22 June 2012

Am I The Only One?

I just read Bailey J's "Am I The Only One" post and decided to make my own. I don't think I would have ever come up with the idea to do a post like this on my own, yet when I'm away from my computer I always think of strange things and wonder, does anyone else do this? I should blog about it later, and never get to it. So here it is :

Am I the Only One?

that lives scenarios in their head? It doesn't matter if I'm at the mirror, in the shower, on the toilet, laying in bed, or putting on my makeup, if something is bothering me I relive what would happen if I got to confront them, sometimes I even catch myself mouthing the words or actually saying them haha

that rapes their boxed store bought pizza? When I am at home and about to chow down on a piece of delissio I first strip it of it's toppings cause thats the best part so I eat it last. I'm left with a saucy piece of bread to start with, I tear little piece of it and eat it little by little until it's gone then I eat all the juicy toppings, but I leave the bottom - the crunchy part of the crust that touches the pan, cause i don't like that shit. 

that loves starting a tv show when there are 4 or more seasons that I can watch all in a row? I love most tv shows, but I think that even if I didn't like the show if I was able to watch it start to finish chances are I would like it.

that has a huge dream that will take so much money to accomplish, but it determined to make it happen?

that sometimes thinks she has a second personality, like another version of myself?

that LOVES SaveEasy frosting, literally could eat a cake that was just made of that frosting?

that wishes she was born in the 20's or 30's? Or atleast wishes the world was a combination of how people used to live in the past with the technology of today.

that really wants a farm?

that really wishes that people did more stuff for themselves. I wish cars were built so you could fix them yourself with a pair of pantyhose instead of having to take them to a specialist that will charge you big bucks to get it fixed. Or that you could do your own plumbing like fixing your sink without getting a 5000.00 fine because a licensed plumber didn't do it. If you want to do it yourself and know how, I think you should be able to without being fined because a specialist didn't do it. I don't get upset when people take photos of people and they didn't go to school for it. Grow up people. 

that wants to live off the grid? 

There are SO many more that I could come up with but I'll save it for another day. Let me know if i'm not the only one!

Stay Happy! 


  1. yes, you ARE the only one who lives save easy frosting. so fucking nasty.

    i like watching a show when its all finished. that way i know i can go through it and not have to wait FOREVER for seasons to come back. its already filmed released for me! lol

    1. Hahaha I don't know what it is about that frosting, but I love it. So unhealthy but it's definitely a weakspot of mine.

      I love just watching episode after episode of shows.

  2. "that has a huge dream that will take so much money to accomplish, but it determined to make it happen?"

    Sounds similar to me. For me, the issue is that I want to go into a niche part of photography (dance photography). I'm slowly piecing together how I want to get started and how I'm going to make a living.

    "that wants to live off the grid?"

    I would--but I love technology too much. LOL

    1. haha I love technology too, I wouldn't get rid of it. I just mean I want to produce my own power through natural sources, rather than be connected to the governments power grid. And produce my own food and try to live as naturally as possible than depend on corporations and such to live.