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Sunday, 3 June 2012

House Sitting and Hot Tubbing

This weekend I house and dog sat with my boyfriend, Justin, for my father and step mother. My bio bro and his girlfriend came over and we listened to music, told stories, watching horror movies and jumped in the hot tub, where we dodged june bugs. Steam doesn't make for good photos and june bugs don't make good for girls scared in the tub holding iphones. I put the phone up pretty quick before I was viciously attacked and accidentally dropped my phone in the water.

The next morning my cold had gotten worse and I wasn't really feeling up to much. Justin and I finished up watching "The Devil Inside," while finches and other birds fed from the suction cup bird feeder stuck to the window. When the movie was over I decided I would try to lure birds into the house by opening the door with the bird feeder on it. I had no luck, but one bird did come check us out, but flew back outside.

This weekend I had my stepmother's two shelties, Mai and Dilanna, my grandparents pom, Rosco, along with my own pom, Rosco's sister, Tinka. I had my hands full grooming and bathing on Saturday afternoon, but I love them all.

My little Tinka-Belle

And Rosco her brother, a bigger version of her. There isn't much differece
other than their coat and weight.

I wanted to get photos up of the temporary pen we have Mayor, our bunny in. Hopefully this weekend Justin and I will be constructing him a big new one in the backyard. I've decided that this year just isn't the right year to start a chicken coop. I am not giving up on it, but I think it'd be best to take care of other things before starting a new project. So composting and bunny pens are more on my mind right now. Mayor is starting to dig, so I will need to get him a new pen asap!

My Bunny Boy
And at last I get to my hair style. I get easily bored by my blonde hair. I'm so jealous of girls that can go blonde and then dark and then back to blonde but a different shade and then darker brown. I can't do this so easily. I have very light eyebrows, practically invisible, not to forget that my eyelashes are about the same, but I take care of that with layer of mascara. I know I could always pencil eyebrows in every morning, but do I really want to do that on top of the eyelashes I have to fake too!? So I decided I would do something alittle different that I have only seen once or twice. Once being on Cruella-Deville.

I didn't want to completely go "half and half" and because I part my hair off
center there is a layer of blonde to cover the dark brown , but I can pin the
layer back for the half and half look. (see below)

It's not a style for everyone, but it definitely satisfied my curiosity of
what I would look like with dark hair.

 Stay Happy!

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