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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Favorite Artists

I've been doing alot of cleaning out of a pins and I got to my art board and decided that I would make a little post about my favorite artists. Some new, some old, but the fact is I love them all. I wish I was a quarter of as talented with a brush or pencil as some of these people are. I've just never been able to see something in my head and put it to paper.

Number One

Draw Gabby Draw - I'm not quite sure what her last name is but click on the name to see her tumblr. I've been watching her blog for years now, ever since I laid eyes on her work I was in love. Someday I will purchase one of art pieces to hang on my wall :) It's actually going on my summer to do list! 

This was the piece I originally fell for
My favorite watercolor of hers :) 

I love her strange and creative creatures!

Number Two

Duane Bryers - I recently discover these works on a blog that I follow. I was overly excited because I LOVE vintage, if I could choose the day and age to live in I would go back and live through the 20's 30's 40's 50's and 60's. I wish I could have seen the world the way my grandparents and great grandparents seen it. I love pin ups and I love when plus size women are recognized as beautiful!! Being a plus size girl most of my life I struggled with self esteem issues, but recently I have seen the world with a new light. I've decided to love myself. So Duane's "Hilda" series really made me happy. 

I love how he uses expression

Number Three

Brett Superstar - I pinned one of his photos awhile back and today I looked through his art and loved his comedic and cartoon-like artwork. I absolutely love his animals, mostly his birds! 

I think this pretty lady deserves her own movie! I love her! 

I love that he uses materials like old wood! 

I adore the bottom left! 

Number Four

Jaw Cooper - I just discovered this artist as well, on DrawGabbyDraw. The reason why I love this specific piece is the detail and the hair. I love art nouveau and the movement of her hair immediately reminded me of the dramatic swirls that art nouveau has.


Number Five

Brittany Burton - I haven't looked at alot of her stuff, but I really enjoy her floral pieces. Love the colors!

These are all modern artists, I'm not quite sure who I would choose as far as historical artists go. I took alot of art history while in school, but I would have to brush up on it before finding out who my favorites were, the only ones I can really remember were the ones that I hated. I think that the internet has been a huge breakthrough for artists, just having your stuff out there surfing around for anyone to see. Some people may think of it as a bad thing, but if you create art on the mean reason that someone else see it and enjoy it, just dreaming about who could have seen it and liked it is nice to think about!

Stay Happy and Try creating something beautiful sometime :) 

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