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Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Kitty Kat's Birthday

There is one girl that is by far the sweetest girl that I know. I absolutely can't think of any once else that can compare to how awesome she is. She's beautiful, kind, loving, funny and smart. My biobro is the luckiest guy on the planet. I'm proud to call this girl my little sister and I couldn't be more happy for her on her sweet 16th which was on the 7th, but her surprise party was today. My family and her incredibly sweet family with all their little ones came together for hotdogs, fruit, cake, balloons - lots of balloons, laughs and even some firework-like candles on the cake. It was my first time really meeting her whole family and I seriously couldn't have met better people and their kids are all adorable.

blowing out her candles

nothing like a candle big enough to set off the smoke alarms or maybe it's just that hot girl behind the cake ;)

this little boy is the chubbiest, cutest little native baby that i've ever seen
and wasn't he on a mission.

look at those cheek and dark brown eyes <3 they're gonna have a heart breaker on their hands!

Meow and all her balloons, there were 66 in total at the party. I think she lost a few to the kids having fun with the helium. 

Again look at those cheeks!!! he wasn't giving me any head way with a grin or even a smile, but he really liked my phone.

getting ready to transport the balloons.

The birthday girl riding on back of the truck with her massive amount of balloons, she got alot of honks on the way home!
I really hope that she had a great day all for her :) she deserved it!! <3 

Stay Happy!! 

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