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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Beginning of June

It's finally the beginning of June, the start of summer and I have a long month ahead of me. I've been working really hard and making myself some steady money :) I piled by first bit of cash together and went on a shopping spree, the first time I've bought a lump sum of clothing and all the fixings in a long time, probably since highschool. I bought 3 dresses, 6 pairs of shoes, a bunch of panties, socks, shorts, tees, tanks, halters, purses, wallets, and jewelry. I cleaned out the mall basically and I could have kept going. I used to HATE shopping and you would be lucky to keep me in a mall for more than an hour, but now you have to drag me out with a toonie in my pocket.

I re-organized my closet after shopping and tried to make room for all my
clothes, plus justin's since he moved in. That's what I was able to give up :P
Plus 2.5 drawers in my 8 drawer dresser. 

My first pair of shorts since I was 10, I'll be 21 this year. I've always hated
my legs, but I decided that I just need to get over it and stay cool this
summer, but also because I never wore shorts, my skin color is plain paper
My life has been over run with work, between filling in at the BG club and working to get wedding photos done and then trying to organize and keep organized in my life, fighting off my procrastination I feel like my brain is going to start leaking from my ears. Here are the reasons that I love working with kids! 

Chalking on Sunny Days!

I drew chalk outlines of all the kids, then they did me. I'm kinda jagged
and have something protruding from a place that I should have something
due to my gender, and I grew a wing like device from my right arm. Also
my brain looks more like a unicorn horn. 

BUGS! The kids bring me everything that they find or some screech at the
top of their lungs for me to come kill something. It's helped me get over
my fears of some creepers though. Today a boy brought in a gorgeous
snake, I was the only "teacher" that would play with it. We let him go back
into the grass outside the fence to find a "girlfriend" also it was a harmless
garder snake.

Playing in bread crumbs! 
Baby BUNNIES! one of the co-op student's grandmother brought in her
baby bunnies. The kids LOVED it. I missed the day that the baby
chicks came to visit. I was pretty depressed about it. 
At home I've been editing and just fitting in things when I can. I've been doing alot of stuff that I haven't documented, but I usually take instagrams of most things cause it's easy, here are things that I was able to capture over the last little bit. 

I was able to hang out with one of my good friends Cassidy and go through
a bunch of clothes that we had collected.  
My bio-bro ThugDawg (Joel) and his girlfriend Meow (Kit) came along
when we took a shopping trip. This was taken during our 3 hour wait for the

The next night we decided to have a family bonfire in my grandfather's
new fire pit he put together, Justin fell asleep cuddling the cat, but the
cat bailed on him so I couldn't help but snap a photo of how he was
laying before I woke him up for the fire.

My Papa's new fire pit. I taught him how to make S'mores that night!

Tinka has decided that she doesn't want to sleep on my side of the bed
anymore this is her new spot. 

She was curled up around justin's head like a wig :P 

I got a bad burn a couple of weeks ago gulls egging and I have a grand
march to walk in a couple weeks so I tried to get rid of my farmers tan
by purposely burning the rest of me, but I put too much sun screen and
now I have a white streak... 

Another thing that I have been up to is that I moved my bunny from Justin's house down here, I guess it's his bunny that I got him, but same thing :P, well we built him a make shift pen until we built him a nice big one. He's definitely loving being outside rather than being a house bunny. I was worried when a thunderstorm hit, but he's a tank of a bunny and it didn't bother him at all. I even went out in the storm to check on him and he wasn't phased at all!

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm going to try something alittle drastic, might be a bad idea before going to prom, but I'm excited about it too! I have to house/dog sit this weekend and do like ten million other things. Hopefully I can have a couple blog posts up this weekend :) 

Stay Happy

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