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Thursday, 21 June 2012

It Feels Like Forever

Holy shit it feels like it's been forever since I last posted and it hasn't even been that long! I've been soooo busy and so worn out that I can't even process everything that I have been doing and everything that's been going on. I REALLY need my job to start because my life is pure chaos when I don't have routine and there is nothing routine about my life right now. My head is spinning from just having no clue what I am doing day to day. So I am extremely excited for my job to start next month, which is a month later than I was hoping, but I will be picking up a few days on call over the next couple of weeks.

As for what has been going on with me over the past week and some here is a list :

Not so good things :

  1. fallen off my organization track
  2. fallen off my weight loss track
  3. my bunny boy escaped his cage 
  4. my womanly time of the month presented it's self for prom - nothing like being moody, bloated, and trying to keep my face blemish free before trying to walk the red carpet in 5 inch heels.
Good thing : 

  1. found awesome buys at yardsales 
  2. found my bunny after 2 days of horrible worry, but he seemed completely stress free lounging in the neighbors yard.
  3. went to prom
  4. went to prom party and got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen for ages. 
  5. got to see mostly all of my family for celebration of my biobro's graduation! we're all so proud of him! 
  6. i had a couple days of work last week which was great to see all the kids :) 
  7. i've taken ALOT of photos this week and done alot of editing, which is good, but bad for my headaches. 
And of course photos of things I have been working on and things that have been going on!! 

My Shepard/Husky Mix "T-Bear"

I bought three big things of flowers to lighten up the outside of my house
I should have left it alone, I am terrible at keeping plants alive.

I found the BEST thing I could have found at a yardsale,
a wooden filing cabinet, I've been looking for quite awhile. Callie thought
she would help me with some filing.

After his 2 day adventure, I caught him and put him back in his temporary cage. I am
building his new one this weekend! I would like to point out my skills with a jigsaw,
I cute out that wonderful arch in his house, which he doesn't like, but either way it's
a nice hole. 

Photo from a cap and gown shoot I did for Jackson

Photo from a cap and gown shoot I did for Jackson
It would appear that Jackson and I aren't really normal. As youngsters we beat the
crap out of each other, most of the time I came out the winner, but now he can
hold his own. Our prom shoot (Tonia/BioDad had the camera not me obviously)
was alittle odd :P 

But we can put on our normal faces and look pretty good :) 

My cousin Eric, on my fathers side also graduated! 

I was able to get a photo of justin and I together! 

As for photoshoots after prom, I had junior prom shoots and an infant shoot! Both went great as always, I think I might be fitting in another photoshoot maybe tomorrow with my aunt who is hear visiting from PEI.




A fun photo with the girls! 

Baby Grace

 I will be posting more photos from my shoots on my photo blog tomorrow, or rather today, but I need to get some sleep. You wouldn't think that sitting at a computer going through photos would make you tired, but honestly my eyes and brain feel like they are on fire. I need to get out and enjoy some fresh air tomorrow! Might drive around and visit some people or something.

Stay Happy :)

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