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Friday, 11 January 2013

Back To Work

This is my first year saying "back to work" instead of "back to school" after the Christmas holidays, I have to say that I much more enjoy going back to work rather than school. But just like it was for school getting back into a routine isn't easy. I almost wish the break wasn't so long yet I wish I had more time now.

After the accident getting back to work was really what I needed, I seriously believe that these kids have magical happy power, because their cuddles, silliness, and even their bad behaviour have a way of making you feel happy again. And then getting back into a routine and having something to do for most of the day really helps and you know the whole payment things really helps after 3 weeks of being broke. Starting a savings fund is really going to have to be a priority this year!

Back to the kids, I only had 2.5 days of work this week, but it felt like a full week because we did so much and had so much fun!

The first day back was really good, I worked the morning, went to the gym for an hour with some friends on my lunch break, which made me soooo energetic in the afternoon at work, I had a late lunch in the classroom which was a salad I thought this might keep the kids out of it, but nope they were all on board the healthy train. When I told them what things were they would say I don't like that and I would be all "WHAT?! These are the best things ever!" and "You have to try it it's just sooooo good"  even if I really didn't care for it myself, because I really want to promote healthy eating with kids because I was WAY to picky as a child. Eventually they were all picking out of my bowl and even though I got half a lunch it was fun having them all try to sit on my lap and crowd around my little salad picking out carrot pieces, radishes and cabbage. Then in the late afternoon the kids and I built a snowman, a small one, but still a snowman. Thursday really wasn't too exciting, but today we were all about the photoshoots and videos. They wanted me to take pictures all day, eventually my phone went dead and around 330 I brought out the mac and we went through all the photos we had taken, watched a couple videos of my kitten and then started to use photobooth.

couldn't keep their little fingers out of it 

blueberry crisp, my FAVORITE snack on my first day back 

helping write some stuff down, she was excited to got to use a real pen

what a character this little guy is, below is him when he got tired. 

My girl, doesn't much care for the snow, she usually picks a place to sit
and stays there until I pick her up.

our poor little snowman

So happy to be back with my main man! 

He got a kick out of leaving slobber marks on my jeans

Bug didn't much care for the loves Jackson wanted to give him lol

My Big Man and I acting all surprised! 

Love my happy bug! 

Fake laughing

My two boys <3 

We're all about the funny faces

Stay Happy!

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  1. all these pictures brightened up my day....or night. lol. either way. PS. cassie and i are going to the gym in the am around 11 if you're interested. no pressure aha. and i think me and ash are gonna go on sunday if she gets home in time from being away. :)