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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

There Are Good Days and Bad Days

So I'm not getting as much done and I wanted to be. That doesn't surprise me though, I'm a huge procrastinator, but lately I've only been "abit" of a procrastinator. So improvement is improvement. Plus I caught a cold from my girl at work and I've been a bit hard to motivate through the sneezing and coughing.

This isn't about work or house stuff, this is a Weight Loss Adventure post. A quick one. Because I've been sick and the babies at work aren't feeling that great, I missed today's workout and yesterday I skipped the gym, but walked for over an hour on a field trip with the kids. It wasn't an extensive work out like I've been pushing myself to do, but hey I got outdoors and was active, so I'm still giving myself points. PLUS it was way more fun than the gym. And I'm not counting today as a total fail, because I did eat mostly good things and got some exercise in before making this post, just some stuff I could do in my room, and I went until I got coughing, it's the best I could do. The point there is I'm still trying and pushing myself through this cold. Even if it's not the workout I want to get. Effort counts and I didn't just give in completely.

OH!! and yesterday morning when I weighed myself. I was down 6 pounds from the last time I was weighed at the beginning of december. Still up from when I lost a bunch of weight last winter, but I WILL lose it again. Anyway, I was at 227.9 yesterday morning and this morning I didn't plan to check cause it was just a day, but I was 226.4! I won't be checking again until next week, but I did it for curiosity sake.

Tomorrow I want to get in the gym despite my cold. Even for just a half hour and do some low key stuff. I won't be able to make the gym on Friday, because the memorial is Friday night and it's going to be an extremely hard weekend that I am just not looking forward to. So I want to get atleast one more work out in this week before I get off for my long sad weekend.

I also need to get my wii-fit out and start using that, even as just a tracker rather than the games, although I need to work on my balance. I used to be pretty good, but lately it's been way off. And I need to take my before photos...which I am not looking forward to and will not be posting until I lose enough weight to feel that it's not so embarrassing to post!

But no more being embarrassed about my weight. I am NOT embarrassed that I am trying to change it and I've had my struggles but this time I'm going to win the battle against unhealthy living! :) Corny but true.

Here are some photos!

Yesterday's meal. I've been eating so many veggies/salads and I'm so
proud of myself because I'm a fruit kinda of girl. I like things sweet! I
only ended up eating 2, maybe three bites of steak because I'm not used
to an oven that cooks so fast and it got alittle dry, so Tinka ended up with
quite the supper. She had no complaints lol

Larissa, Dar and I took some of the kids for a walk around the campground and down through the boardwalk.
We walked for over an hour and it was quite the adventure. Bug was the youngest and he did quite well for
himself. Until the end when him and 2 other boys fell in a very cold puddle. 
My LoveBug is growing up so fast, off the boards and running through
the woods with the big boys! 

Warrin was falling alittle behind. He'd rather hold my hand than risk falling (I say that, but really he spent
more time on his bum than his feet) but when he held my hand he felt alittle better cause he did alot more
sliding on purpose because he knew I had a good grip on him. He's been my right hand man the past couple
of days. What a sweetheart!

Thats all for tonight folks! I guess it was half about work and half about weight, but how can you blame me for talking about these cute little guys! My job and my work kids are my life these days :)

Stay Happy!

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