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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January Projects For Work

I was going to read, but I decided to blog instead.

I have a few blog ideas that I want to work on and I wish that I could blog more than I do, but finding the time and motivation can be hard sometimes. This post is mostly to keep me on track with projects for work. I need to get some stuff done around the nursery, now that Christmas is over. Still some stuff to un-decorate and then they need to be replaced with other things. I also need to get some advertising done. We have a staff meeting tomorrow. So I will probably write this post tonight and at the bottom finish it off with updates from tomorrows staff meeting before making it public.

Things to do before the 30th or even sooner than that 

  1. Take down the Christmas decorations
  2. Do up advertisements (posters/fb group) 
  3. Photo forms for parents
  4. Fundraising Ideas
  5. New Recipes?
  6. Start survey's with the older age group
  7.  Work on colors with the toddlers 
  8. Make sensory pads and slotbox
  9. Do up the build an inside snowman to do with the kids
  10. Work on the video project
  11. and I know there was another but I just forgot it...don't you love when that happens? 

Really want to work on colors with the toddles.
slot box
sensory steps
build a snowman inside
Race Track
Really loved this poster I saw at a class and really want to attempt
 (note I said attempt) to do one myself! 
2 days later...(today, the stuff before this was written on the 13th)

So I know I planned to post this last night, but I forgot my mac charger at work, but successfully made it through the night without my laptop! On the other hand the staff meeting was a pretty good success and I really like getting together with everyone to discuss issues and things that work or don't work and how we can fix them. It think it will REALLY help us progress, we're a team, a family even and we're all in it together. We have such an awesome group of workers over there that are fully committed to their jobs. It's really nice!

We've come up with some really good ideas for fundraising, programs, progress of our workplace and positive changes! I'm not going to spoil all of that right now though, as they develop and happen.

I can tell you that I HAVE started the color project I am working on with the toddlers and hopefully I should have it finished and on the wall by thursday. I'm not working Friday because the memorial is that night, so I want to have it done thursday. And had I not had company this evening I could have had the sensory pads done, but I will do that tomorrow night.

I really want to bring kids back to the club! It's such an awesome program and we do so much with the kids. I've heard people call us glorified babysitters and that's just completely offensive. We all have first aid and have our curriculum framework, and we do much more than I ever did with kids when I babysat. Much more goes into what we do than people think. I plan to start making post on what we do and the experiences we give the kids. We have to do "documenting" where we constantly document what the kids do and then present it visual back to the children so they can see what they were doing and remember those experiences. It's one of my favorite things to do, because I get to put my photoshop skills to work!

Anyway, that's it for today! I will try to get another post up before friday, I doubt I will do much blogging over the weekend with the 2 memorial services. Not looking forward to the sadness that's to come again, but we'll keep surviving <3

Stay Happy!

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