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Sunday, 13 January 2013

NO More Excuses!

I know what you're all thinking. Here's another weight loss post and a year from now she'll make the same one.

I fell off the wagon. Not only did I fall off of it but it dragged me a couple miles and backed up over me. I had lost a good chuck of weight off my body a year ago, but then I got into a relationship, became lazy and didn't really care too much about it anymore. It wasn't the healthiest of relationships so I put some of the blame on it, but ultimately it is my fault. I am the only one that had the control to change my weight and I let go of that control.

So what am I going to do about it? Be 10 times better than I was the last time I lost the weight. The last time I really didn't do too much, just changed my eating, kept track of it and kept busy. I didn't exercise or care too much about how I lost it as long as I lost it. This time as my awesome single self, I am going to do so much more to further my weight loss adventure.
I'm choosing to call it my weight loss adventure partly because journey is way too common and when I use the word adventure I think of something daring and exciting, filled with epic stories and some bad days too. And really that's what my weight loss is all about. I want it to be an adventure, something exciting! So that is what I am going to make it this time.

I will try to have frequent posts about my weight loss adventure, along with "The Recipe Challenge" which will be me trying new recipes. I was a very picking person until I was about 16, and I still find myself eating alot of the same things, partly because it's habit and easier to cook what I know and it might be alittle cheaper because I don't really buy too much. So along with The Recipe Challenge will be my Single With A House / Home-Owning Adventures posts.
I really want to harness my blogging power to help me keep on track with everything, I'm writing this at night before I go to bed, and I tend to have all my energy and optimism at this time of the day. But I'm getting really good at keep on track and organized with my life.

Here are some "weighs" I plan to keep on track with my Weight Loss Adventure

I'm going to start putting Happy and Sad faces on my calendar
at the end of the day. Hoping that there will be more good days
than bad to encourage me to keep going and make progress! 
Make something like this that can keep track
Each time I work out I put a dollar in the jar. (maybe
even a toonie) But point is I don't believe in food
rewards. I am not a dog, plus I know that there will be
days when my eating isn't all that healthy, so I don't
want to encourage that. I have rewards like new clothes
and a new tattoo in a place that may not have been so
attractive when I'm this heavy.
I want TRY to plan my meals a week even a month in advance. To hopefully help
out my wallet, weight and organizing. 
Keep researching exercises, tips, recipes and more to keep me going.
Eat alot of salad. I'm not a big fan of salads, but I find when I
pretend I do or even be optimistic about eating them they
taste better. I want to try different salad recipes and try to eat
clean. I may even try a cleanse too.
7. Stay Inspired! Read about others going through the same thing or ones that have already reached their goal and how they stay there.

this girl kinda reminds me of myself (her before) that's
about the same look I have (a bit heavier) but DAMN
wouldn't I love to have the same outcome!! She's smokin!
and didn't lose all her boobs! I have a fear of losing my
I love when I can see faces in before and after photos, partly because sometimes I feel like they can be fake, but
when you can see their face you KNOW that they kicked weights ass. I also like when I see more than 1
year between the photos, because it makes me feel realize that I'm not the only one that either can't lose weight
in 6 months and they too struggled at it, and some of us just have to work harder to lose it and wait longer
for it to happen. 
8. Photos of what I would like to look like! Don't get me wrong I would love to be skinny (skinny healthy, not skinny skinny) but that's not what I am shooting for at the moment. I am shooting for juicy healthy. toned healthy. Because to be honest I like being "juicy" and "curvy" I'm torn between being skinny or being a toned plus size like these girls.

I would LOVE to look like this woman right here. THIS is what I am shooting
for! and I like she is the most gorgeous woman I have seen! And this is the
body that I would love to have. 
Stay Happy and Stay Focused!!!

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