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Monday, 14 January 2013

Just A Quick Post

So, the babies are still napping so I wanted to post a quick positive post about how awesome my workout was today. I mean it's nothing special, because it's only my second one, but I ran alittle bit today and pushed myself to keep going. That's why I am proud of myself today, usually I don't push myself, because I'm afraid of looking silly at the gym. But now that I work with kids and am pretty much used to making myself look like a tool, it didn't bother me. I worked out for an hour and I found some different exercises to try out and now that I'm done my workout I have just as much energy as I do before I go it bed. It's so exciting to me and you know I used to be so afraid of what I looked like when I worked out, but that's not the point of it, I'm over that it's all about how I'm going to look when I've been working out for a couple months!

Eating salads and working out has really made a difference in my attitude and motivation. I think tomorrow I will even take the awful step of weighing myself and doing a "before" photo...duh duh dun!

I'm going to start my money jar today and my pounds to lose/pounds loss jar tomorrow!

Stay Happy and Focused!!

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